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Kanka v1.3 – Open campaigns & better interfaces

Dear Kanka users, we are excited to be releasing a slightly smaller update. We’re introducing the final option of the latest roadmap, namely open campaigns. We’ve also focused on redesigning the campaign administration UIs to make it easier to navigate and find info, with a focus for mobile users.

New Feature: Open campaigns

Public campaigns allow users to explore how other users manage their worlds with Kanka. However, there was no way for campaign owners to open their campaigns to new users other than by using an invite link. This release fixes that with open campaigns and campaign applications.

A new checkbox “open campaign” is available on the “sharing” tab when editing a campaign. This will allow users who find the campaign through the public campaigns feature to join the campaign using a new button on the dashboard.

This action prompts the user to write a short message about joining the campaign. Campaign admins will get a notification in the app whenever someone applies this way. They can manage applications by clicking on “World” in the sidebar and then “Applications”.

kanka application management interface

Changes to the status of an application then notifies the applicant.

To make finding open campaigns easy, we’ve also added a new filter on the public campaigns page to filter for open campaigns.

kanka public campaigns open status filter


We’ve reworked a few interfaces to make them easier for new and experienced users. The first change involved redesigning the campaign header on the dashboard. It now has an “actions” button dropdown to quickly go to the various interfaces most uses, notably the “edit campaign”.

Next up, we’ve redesigned the campaign submenu to better split the various places. We’ve removed some of the numbers causing performance issues on larger campaigns. Numbers are shown when an action is required instead (ie applications). Some menu items like Recovery, Achievements, and Plugins that are only available to boosted or superboosted campaigns are now always visible. This makes some boosted features more obvious to new users so that after boosting a campaign they know where to find the feature.

kanka campaign admin submenu rework

Lastly, we’ve reworked the quick links interfaces to make them clearer to new users. Instead of having multiple tabs the user switches between, we’ve moved to a sub-tab interface with clearer delimitations.

kanka quick link form

The Entity “menu” selector has also been reworked to clearly show what is available to various entity types.

kanka quick link entity menu options

Bug fixes (so many bugs)

We’ve fixed a bug when importing race abilities (introduced with 1.2) didn’t copy abilities but simply moved them.

When creating a character, a non-admin could set the character’s traits, but couldn’t edit them afterwards.

Fixed quick links having the various “bulk” actions available that weren’t actually available.

When setting an entity’s image from the campaign gallery, it wasn’t used if the entity also had a header image, and was also ignored in the dashboard widgets.

Images added from the gallery to pinned notes can no longer be wider than the screen.

Fixed a bug with custom dashboard widget names not working for character, quest and conversation plugins.

Filters on the public campaigns page were unusable on mobile devices.

As always, thanks to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server! If you’re new to Kanka, we recently release two new tutorials for checking permissions and working with the API.

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