roadmap february 2021

Roadmap February 2021 – Bulk Attribute Templates

Our subscribers and Patrons have finished voting on our latest community vote, and once again we have a clear winner for this month’s roadmap: bulk apply attribute templates! With the recent Kanka 1.1 release, we’ll be focusing on this new feature very soon.

Bulk Attribute Templates

The clear winner of the community vote was for a new way to apply attribute templates in bulk to entities. This new option will be added to the list of entities, as an option next to the delete, permissions, bulk edit and export options for campaign admins.

Abilities improvements

Our runner up in the vote was for abilities to get new options to custom reorder them. We feel comfortable in our ability to also deliver this option, so keep an eye out for it!

Other goodies for February

We’ll be introducing a new Wyvern subscription tier during the month that will allow users to superboost two campaigns, or boost 6 separate campaigns.

Another focus for February will be introducing more tutorials on the blog to help out new players. We also want to improve some various workflows throughout the app to make some features clearer to new users. This will include reworking the interface for Quick Links.

Lastly, we want to add the ability to nest Timelines and Events to better organise your campaigns.

Come join us over on Discord to get sneak peaks at the progress being made on the month’s roadmap!

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