release 1.1

Kanka v1.1 – Gallery folders, new map improvements and more copy options

Dear Kanka users, we’re excited to release Kanka 1.1. This update includes big updates to the underlaying Laravel framework used by Kanka, superboosted campaign gallery folders, map marker improvements, and more copy options throughout the app.

New Features

Superboosted campaigns can select images from a campaign gallery. This update brings folders to the gallery, as well as an option for entities to use the image from the gallery rather than uploading a new image each time.

campaign gallery folders


Map markers get two improvements, including making markers completely invisible, as well as a way to copy a map marker.

When copying an entity, you can now also copy abilities, inventories and entity links.

new entity copy options

Boosted campaigns custom dashboards now have the option to copy a dashboard, which will include the widgets. Boosted campaigns can now also set custom icons for Quick Links.

Plugin creators on the marketplace now have a “profile” page that lists the various published plugins created by the user.

The API now supports entity links that were added in the previous update. We’ve also added access to the Quick Links of a campaign too.

Lastly, we’ve reworked the campaign export feature. Previously, the export created a single file with both the entities and images. From now on, the campaign export will generate two files, one with the entities, and a second one with the images. The reason for this change is that in large campaigns, exporting the images often created issues. While the export for images will still crash for larger campaigns, it won’t block exporting the entities anymore.

Bug fixes

Map markers with the “members” visibility no longer disappear. Map markers on the dashboard now respect the pin size value.

Fixed the inventory page of entities on the non-default themes.

Deleted dashboards for boosted campaigns no longer appear in the dashboard switcher.

Fixed a few bugs with negative current year on calendars. The “add/sub” actions on the dashboard now work.

The character dead and quest completed filters didn’t properly work anymore following the introduction of multiple filters.

We’ve increased the size of the new Menu Links to allow for better visibility and accessibility.

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