kanka checking permissions

Testing your campaign permissions

Part of setting up your Kanka campaign is setting up the correct permissions. This tutorial will show you how to easily check what your players can see without having to create a second account or asking for your players’ passwords.

Campaign Setup

To check your campaign permissions, you’ll first need another member in your campaign that isn’t part of the admin role. As a campaign admin, you can view your campaign as one of your non-admin members.

Switching to another user

To view your campaign as another member of your campaign, click on the “world” item in the campaign’s sidebar. This brings you to your campaign admin page, and from there click on the “members” submenu.

campaign members page
Finding the campaign members page

Once there, a “Switch” or “View As” button will be displayed next to your non-admin members. Clicking it will redirect you to the campaign’s dashboard as the user. From there on, you can explore your campaign, viewing it as the user would.

kanka switch button
The button to view a campaign as a user

Making changes as another user

As the user, you can make changes to the campaign as they would. Note that creating or changing an entity will log the change as being done by the user, with the information that a user was impersonating it in the entity’s history logs.

entity history log impersonating info
Entity change logs impersonating info

Switching back to your user

Once you’ve finished checking your permissions, you can switch back to your account by clicking on where the loggout button usually is.

kanka switch back to your user
Switching back to your user by clicking on the user’s avatar in the top right

In case you’re having any issues or question, come over on the Discord!

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