kanka 1.2

Kanka v1.2 – Bulk improvements, more nesting and new options for Abilities

Dear Kanka users, we are excited to be releasing a new big update to Kanka following our latest roadmap. We’re introducing a new way to bulk apply attribute templates to multiple entities, improvements to abilities, and nesting for more entity types.

New Features – Bulk Attribute Templates

As a campaign admin, when viewing a list of entities, you can now apply attribute templates to several entities at a time. This is in the same place as bulk editing and other mass actions.

bulk apply attribute templates button

Improvements – Abilities & Nesting

We’re adding a new Position and Note fields to entity abilities. To edit these values, open an entity with abilities and click on the new “Update” button.

Entity abilities update button - bulk attribute

Another new ability for characters which have a race is to import in a single click the abilities of the race.

add race abilities button - bulk attribute

We also introduced nesting to the Events and Timelines modules. This works the same way Families and Tags can be.

When bulk editing nested entities, the parent field will now properly display “Parent Family” instead of just “Family” to reduce confusion.

Quick Links set to target a custom dashboard on boosted campaigns are also now possible.

Quality of life improvements

When creating a mirrored relation, a new field allows the user to define the relation on the target. This way you can create a Parent/Child mirrored relation with both texts being set differently on creation.

You can now upload JSON files to Entity Files. We’ve also added the members and admin-self visibility options.

The new pinned entity notes can now be set to be collapsed on page load.

collapsed entity note form - bulk attribute

When editing an entity, the “parent” field available on all nestable entities now excludes the entity as an option. This is to avoid an entity being its own parent.

The API has seen some small tweaks and improvements. The pagination value now takes either 45 or 100 (for subscribers) rather than the previous values of 15 or 25.

When exploring a map, the page will now include the campaign custom css, the campaign theme, and any marketplace theme plugins. This allows boosted campaigns to customise the map explore page.

For boosted campaigns, pinned relations and attributes have some new css classes and data-* attributes added to them. This way you can target them with custom CSS.

We’ve made various visual tweaks to the Boosted tab when editing an entity. The tooltip field is now a simple text field to reduce page load, and the gallery image field has a new helper text. The collapse button on timelines has been moved next to the era name.

Bug Fixes

Fixed various missing values from the API, and updated some of the documentation.

For boosted campaigns, the gallery option is now available when creating or editing entity notes, or when editing a campaign. This also fixes the bug with the image uploader in the text editor not working for boosted campaigns on entity notes.

Fixed various breadcrumb links that pointed to 404 pages.

Advanced mentions can now target the abilities and relations page of entities.

Fixed pinned entity notes where the position automatically calculated wasn’t correct.

For marketplace attribute template plugins, fixed a bug in the code where the >= condition wrongly tested for <=.

Fixed a bug in generating new OAuth clients for the API.

Refactored the entity “map points” subpage, which fixes timelines not working properly when included in a map.

Some relations between related relations failed to properly display in the relation explorer.

As always, thanks to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server! If you’re new to Kanka, we recently release two new tutorials for checking permissions and working with the API.

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