kanka release 044

Release 0.44 – Relation Explorer, Calendar nesting, & better Maps

Today we are excited to release a new version of Kanka including the winner of September’s Community Vote – Relation Explorer, as well as another big list of goodies and improvements.

New Features

Relation Explorer

As voted by our amazing subscribers and Patrons, boosted campaigns get a new relation explorer for entities! Built upon the foundation of Guardian’s own tool, we’ve tweaked it to show the following.

On a character, it will load all relations, as well as the family & members, and the organisations & members of the character, showing you a detailed web of how a character might know or interact with others. The character’s relation explorer is the most detailed.

kanka relation explorer
Character relation explorer

The explorer for families and organisations will load the parent entity, the members, and the children entities (sub families, sub organisations) and display the relations between them.

All other entity types will simply display the relations of the entity. We’ve done it this way by analysing how relations are currently used in Kanka, with an overwhelming majority of relations been between characters (mostly family members).

To view the relation explorer of an entity, go to the Relations subpage of an entity. Boosted campaigns will see the explorer, while standard campaigns are greeted with an information text about the feature.

Calendar Nesting

Whilst not gathering much love during the community vote, Calendars are a beloved features from many of our users. Calendars can now be nested, meaning a calendar can have a parent calendar. This works differently from nesting in other entities. A calendar with a parent calendar will load the weather and reminders of the parent calendar on the child. This will allow worldbuilders to create a primary calendar with all the important events of their world, and create a child calendar per playing “group” that could only include reminders pertinent to the group.

parent calendar
The new “parent calendar” field.

When editing a reminder that comes from the parent calendar, the user will be notified that they are changing something not directly on the calendar they are viewing.

Timelines for all

Timelines are now available for all campaigns after a month in early access for boosted campaigns.


Maps v3.2

We’ve received a lot of love for the new Maps module, but also some confusion and valid criticism. We’ve taken the feedback to heart and made the following changes.

Firstly, map points will now show a “pin” shape to better help people place markers. Markers have the same size regardless of the zoom, as this is a decision of the plugin creators, so not something we can change. But making markers have a pin shape will make it a lot clearer.

The new pin shape for markers

We’ve added the ability on markers to define the text colour of the icon. For marker groups, a new option to hide markers in that group by default was added. Lastly, the legend on the map exploration mode will group markers by marker groups.

When creating a new map, hitting save will now automatically redirect to the map’s edit screen.

Leaflet, the rendering engine for maps, has been updated from version 1.6 to 1.7.1 The changes and bug fixes are detailed in the leaflet changelogs.

Other improvements

Boosted campaigns have the ability to recover deleted entities, but until now there was no way to see if that in the entity logs. Deleting and restoring an entity will now be logged in the entity logs.

Quests and Journals can now be filtered on the “real” date field. A new “copy elements” option was added when copying a quest. Checking this option will copy any characters, locations etc of the copied quest into the new one.

Another gift for our boosted campaigns who enjoy styling everything: pages of an entity will include a few more classes on the body tag. These include kanka-entity-{id}, so you can target exactly that entity in your campaign css. We’ve also added kanka-entity-{type} to target for example all characters of a campaign. Lastly, we’ve added kanka-type-{type}, where it uses the type field of the entity. So for example you can target all “Cult” organisations of your campaign, or all characters with the “Noble” type.

In your Profile Layout Settings, you can now change the default action taken when creating a new entity. The default is still to go to the list of entities, but you can now force it to go to the newly created entity instead.

Lastly, a long requested feature: when editing an entity, you can finally apply an attribute template!

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with age calculation that was wrong by one year.

Some users where using www.kanka.io which isn’t our valid address, resulting in lost sessions. We now redirect all users trying to reach www to the non-www website.

Kanka logo issues on Safari and iOS fixed. The map rendering engine was also updated to fix some Safari issues.

Fixed an issue with map markers pointing to locations with special characters breaking maps.

Fixed the Calendar Weather API being documented but not working.

Next Up

We’ll be hopefully working on more Project Freyja during the rest of the month. On our radar is also some bits of the Entity Template feature part of the last community vote. And of course the biggest thing we’ll be working on it the Marketplace for Campaign Themes teased during our September Q&A!

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