Spring 2023 roadmap

Roadmap Spring 2023 – Renaming Modules

We are back with another roadmap, this time focusing on what we want to achieve in the Spring of 2023. But first, let’s do a quick recap on our previous roadmap.

Previous roadmap recap

Three months ago, we laid out our roadmap for the first months of 2023. Our main goal was implementing our first version of family trees. As our Discord users know, this was a lot more work than we had anticipated. Yet, family trees are now available for our superboosted campaigns.

Integrating AI with Bragi was another important step for us to make use of the AI revolution going on in tech, and the feedback so far has been amazing. We love reading all the crazy characters that Bragi has helped create for your campaigns and worlds!

Sadly, not all of our goals from the roadmap were implemented, with notably the new list designs not going live.

Spring 2023 roadmap for Kanka

First, we plan on improving the new family trees with feedack from the community now that they are live. For example, one of the most frequently requested feature that we’ve started working on is to allow children when only one parent is known.

Community vote winner

Renaming modules won our latest community vote by capturing over 50% of the votes. This is a feature that has been requested many times over the years. Currently, custom sidebars is a stopgap measure to tackle a small part of the larger issue. With these changes, we’ll be splitting the custom sidebar feature into two. One to re-order the sidebar, and one to control the names of modules in a campaign.

Entity list

As mentioned previously, we didn’t have the time to finish working on the new lists showcased at the end of last year. We plan on doing so during the next three months!

spring 2023 new lists

Boost simplification

Another survey we did earlier this year was about merging boosted and superboosted campaigns into a singular concept, simplifying Kanka. The vast majority of users surveyed felt positively about this change, and your wishes are our command. We will communicate more about what this simplification will look like in the near future.

Spring cleanup

As with every spring at Kanka, we want to do some cleanup in the code and servers. We’ve been running some of our servers on new software and OS since January, and feel confident in updating now all of our servers. This should result in no downtime for Kanka, but result in faster and more secure servers by the time summer comes around.

Those are, in broad strokes, what we’ll be focusing on!

In case you missed our latest release, you can read it here. If you want to be a part of the community, join us on Discord!

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