Idea: renaming and merging of boosts & superboosts

Hey everyone! I come to the community once again to ask for input on an idea that we had. Keep in mind that this is just an idea, not a decision, and we’re asking for your input. We have already had preliminary discussions with some of our users, and their feedback has helped shape this thought process. As always we like to involve the community in these discussions, so we’re now opening up the topic to our wider audience.

Why change anything?

Problem: the boosted/superboosted terminology is confusing to many users, and bonuses aren’t always clear.

Important datapoint: 50% of boosted campaigns are superboosted.

The solution? Our intention is to make the boost system easier to understand, and give users increased access to the features that superboosted campaigns offer, without adding extra cost.

What are we thinking?

The idea we had would have two parts:

  • Renaming boosted campaign to premium campaign, to make it clearer what they are.
  • Merging all the bonuses of superboosted and boosted campaigns into the new premium campaign.

This would mean going from a 3 tier system, with unboosted, boosted and superboosted, to a 2 tier system, with normal and premium.

What about campaign features?

Premium campaigns would have access to all the features of a superboosted campaign.

Would pricing change?

Absolutely not.

What about the number of premium campaigns per subscription level?

The short answer is that we don’t know, this is where you input is most needed. Currently, an Owlbear has 3 boosts, which can be used to single boost 3 different campaigns, or superboost 1 campaign.

Our gut feeling is that it would be fair for Owlbears to have 2 premium campaigns. If we take into consideration that feature wise, 2 premium = 2 superboosted, it would represent a doubling in the amount of superboosted campaigns available to an Owlbear, at no extra cost.

However, this would negatively impact those who use all 3 boosts on different campaigns, and this is something we don’t love.

For the Wyvern tier, we think it would also be fair to go with 4 premium campaigns, which would equate to 4 superboosted campaigns, also double the current level.

What now?

That’s about as far as we’ve gotten so far. Help us by discussing these potential changes, and letting us know if this is something you think would be beneficial or not. You can do so in the comments below, on Discord, or by emailing us.

We would also appreciate it if you filled out this extremely short survey.

Let us know how you feel in the comments below, on Discord, or via email!

5 Replies to “Idea: renaming and merging of boosts & superboosts”

  1. Bonjour !
    Très bonne idée je trouve. Bon courage !
    Guillaume (France)
    Hi !
    Good idea ! Thank you !
    Guillaume (France)

  2. On the one hand, I’d be excited for the simplification; on the other hand, as somebody who has 3 campaigns boosted, would only having access to 2 rescind what I’ve already boosted?

    1. Hi! We collected a lot of good insight and recommendations in this process, and we will be implementing some of those ideas moving forwards. I will detail everything in an upcoming blog post, but the short answer is that there won’t be a change to the number of boosts our current subscribers have 🙂

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