1.38 New Layouts And Menus

New year, new Kanka! Well not quite, but the new layouts are here!

New layouts and menus

We’re continuing our redesign thanks to Rick’s amazing work and the community’s feedback. Many of you helped by giving us your insights into these changes, and we once again want to thank you for your time. As with everything new, we expect a couple bumps, so do not hesitate to reach out about issues or suggestions!

The new layouts include the notification and user menu on the top right merging into one. It now also includes Kanka updates, removing them from the campaign dashboards.

new layouts with notifications and kanka updates

The campaign switcher has also been moved to the top right. Those of you using Kanka pre-2020 will notice that it’s moving back.

new layouts campaign switcher

The quick creator selection layout no longer generates visual artefacts. The list of entities is sorted alphabetically, and the popular section is based on all campaigns of Kanka.

new layouts quick creator selection

Calendar improvements

As a late Christmas present to our community, here are a few changes to calendars!

Multi-day reminders now show a (start) and (end) text on their first and last day.

calendar start end reminder

Calendars no longer require at least 2 months, but can now have only one.

Calendars now have an option of not having a year zero.

calendar skip year zero

History of recent changes

A new History link is available towards the end of every campaign sidebar. This gives superboosted campaigns a new filterable unified interface to see recent changes made to entities of the campaign. This also shows the changes in a clearer way than in the entity change log popup on each individual entity.

campaign history interface

General improvements

Tags have a new option to hide them from the an entity’s tooltip or header. This is useful for housekeeping tags that don’t need to be directly visible.

tag hidden option

A bunch of new keyboard shortcuts are available!

  • When viewing an entity, simply hitting e will to to the entity’s edit form. This works on the overview and subpages of an entity.
  • When editing an entity, ctrl+alt+s will call the “save and new” action.
  • When editing an entity, ctrl+alt+c will call the “save and copy” action.

Headings in the entry field and posts now automatically get a unique ID, even when no table of contents has been injected. Headings are now unique across the whole page, rather than just among a single text.

We’ve added Discord to the embed whitelist.

When printing an entity, the layout is now more consistent with less spacing issues and duplicate content.

In the text editor, advanced mentions using an alias now also include the entity’s alias. On a technical note, the entity and alias name now use the <ins> tag instead of <span>.

advanced mentions with alias

New accounts will no longer have access to the deprecated legacy text editor (TinyMCE).

The “collapse/expand” all button on timelines now also impacts timeline eras and elements. You can now also collapse the character personality and appearance traits, and the same button also impacts those.

In the role permissions interface, disabled modules now have a warning to avoid confusion.

disabled module warning in role permissions

Fontawesome upgrade to Pro

Custom icons on maps, sidebars, quick links, timeline elements, and more were previously only available with the free version of FontAwesome. We’ve upgraded to the Pro license, unlocking thousands of new icons for your campaign needs!

Feature removal

As announced a few months ago, the old location maps system, which was replaced by the maps module in 2020, is no longer available in Kanka.

API changes

Various “entities/x/y” endpoints are now paginated instead of rendering everything and overloading our servers. This impacts posts, relations, reminders, abilities, tags, etc. This doesn’t impact the attributes or permissions endpoints.

The list of campaign members is now also paginated.

Relations to a deleted target no longer appear in the API.

Bug fixes

Syncing your Kanka and Discord accounts should no longer crash after one year. Removing the Discord sync is now also possible even if there is an error.

Updating an entity through the API with a image_url no longer crashes.

Subscribers using the Sofort payment method no longer get an infinite subscription, sorry 😉

When submitting an entity’s entry (in the entry-only form) while Kanka is undergoing maintenance, a warning is now visible instead of losing the content.

Mirrored relations once again show the arrows.

Kanka no longer loads the dark or midnight themes when printing entities.

Bulk deleting map markers on page two or more of a map now works.

Lastly, the alert when leaving a page with unsaved changes now works again on Firefox.

alert unsaved changes

That’s it for this update. If you missed the previous one, you can read it here.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

Photo by Foo Visuals on Unsplash

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  1. Thank you for yet another amazing update! I don’t think I’ve ever before used a platform where I was genuinely excited to read through each new update log. Great tweaks and looking forward to what comes next! <3

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