Kanka 1.36 More Maps

1.36 More maps and presets, changes to the quick creator

Dear Kanka users, today we present more improvements to maps, the quick creator, and much more!

More maps improvements

When adding a new map marker, a new tab called “presets” allows users to create and use map marker presets.

more maps presets

When editing a marker from the explore page, the “save” button defaults to redirecting to the explore page.

In the live search, maps now also include an “explore” link.

more maps explore search

Quick creator

We’ve also started implementing improvements to the quick creator, following feedback from our recent survey.

Firstly, the quick creator can now create every entity type, including attribute templates and deprecated modules like dice rolls.

Secondly, the creation interface now include three modes: single, bulk, and template. The single and bulk mode recreate existing features from the old quick creator, while making features clearer.

entity creator single mode

The template mode shows a list of existing entity templates of the selected type.

entity creator template mode


In a campaign’s plugins interface, it is now possible to order by recent update.

When editing a campaign, post, timeline element or quest element, a warning is now visible if another member of the campaign is already editing said element.

If an organisation is defunct, the icon is now shown in the organisation’s title and in lists, the same way dead characters have an icon.

defunct org

Mentions in timeline elements and quest elements are now visible in the “mentioned in” interface. The same interface has been improved to include the entity’s name when the mention is in a post.

mentioned in improvements

When adding a relation to an entity, the entity is no longer available in the “target” dropdown. When editing a relation that is mirrored, it is now possible to unmirror said relation directly in that interface.

relation unmirror

Marketplace improvements

Creatures can now be created in content pack plugins. A new “transform” button and menu allows users to change an entity’s type in the marketplace.

marketplace transform

Artisans can now translate their character sheets! A character sheet is no longer bound to a single language, and a new @i18n() directive is available in the sheet’s HTML. More info can be found in our marketplace docs.

Bug fixes

It is once again possible for a user to remove themselves from a campaign’s admin role.

Users who switch from a monthly to a yearly subscription should no longer get an email about an upcoming yearly payment at the wrong time.

Fixed entities showing up multiple times in the live search when aliases were similiar to the entity’s name.

The API now allows for the “nulling” of the parent field. An organisation’s members now also includes the character_id property.

Section attributes in the marketplace character sheets no longer import as multi line text fields.

Fixed an issue with campaign themes being too large for the Kanka servers to handle.

Viewing a timeline element when using the dark theme now looks better.

Fixed a rogue “$” sign displaying in various interfaces.

Entity abilities once again follow their position value.

That’s it for this update! If you missed the previous one, you can read it here.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

Photo by T.H. Chia on Unsplash

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