Roadmap Q1 2023 – Family Trees

One of our goals for 2023 is to increase visibility regarding our roadmap and what we plan on working on in the immediate future. With our revamp of community votes, we now have a big feature to build on our hands!

Vote winner – Family trees

The first element of our roadmap is our latest community vote winner: family trees! A feature request first made in 2018, with several failed attempts made along the way, we now feel confident that we can pull it off. Here is a very, very early work in progress picture:

roadmap family tree early vip

We still have a long road in front of us, but everyone on the team is excited to be working on this feature!

Entity lists

During the last months of 2022, we previewed some new designs and gathered feedback from the community. Our designer has been incorporating those changes into the design, and we’ll focus Q1 on building those new interfaces into Kanka.

Incorporating AI technology

The last area we want to focus on in the following months is incorporating AI technology into Kanka. We plan on releasing our first foray during January, and will adapt and improve our experiments based on community feedback.


Our newsletters haven’t kept up with the times in Kanka, and so we’ll be implementing some changes. Kanka has grown a lot since we first set up the current system, and the added value is something we’re unhappy with. This has resulted in a low level of engagement with our newsletters, and we believe that we need to focus our efforts to increase their quality as well as their usefulness.

What those of you who receive these newsletters will notice is a reduction in the amount of emails you receive from us. They will be less frequent, but have more depth to them, giving you a better overview of what’s new at Kanka, including updates as well as community votes. We hope that by centralizing this information, it becomes more digestible and accessible.

Those are, in broad strokes, what we’ll be focusing on!

In case you missed our latest release, you can read it here. If you want to be a part of the community, join us on Discord!

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