4 years anniversary

Anniversary – Four years of Kanka – A celebration

In the chaos that is life in 2021, we forgot our biannual review. So instead, we are turning it into a yearly anniversary of all that is Kanka. Before we get to the traditional stats, we wanted to highlight some things that we did this year. Take a look back with us at what we are proud of, what surprised us, and also things that didn’t go as planned.

We went over all of this, and more, during our livestream !

Highlights of Kanka’s third year

This year saw many big changes in Kanka. One big change was the release of Kanka version 1.0 at the start of 2021. This is our way of representing Kanka’s growth and evolution, but also as a commitment to its future.

We didn’t release any new modules over the past year (with Timelines and Maps added shortly before the last anniversary), but we did release a whole new design for the entity view. Changing things always risks irking users, as we experienced when we redesigned the sidebar. However, with this redesign we touched a core part of the Kanka experience, and made some decisions that didn’t resonate well with part of the community. We’ll be introducing changes to this before the end of the year, based on the feedback we got.

We also introduced worldbuilding events this year, which have a small but dedicated user base. We’re still trying to figure out how to have more people participate in these. This might be by changing the focus of the prompts, to changing the rewards for winning.

Again based on community feedback, we introduced a new Wyvern pledge level. We did this because some of our members love Kanka and want to support it with more than the Owlbear pledge, but not at the Elemental level. We are always incredibly humbled by our community wanting to support us, and we never take it for granted!

A feature that is dear to us, but didn’t get the love we hoped for, was content packs on the marketplace. We imagined them as a way to encourage worldbuilders and storytellers to share their imagination with others. We realise that the lack of enthusiasm is partly due to the clunky workflow of creating content packs in the marketplace, but also due to other tools like dmsguild having a broader reach.

Growth and growing pains

On the financial side of things, we are no longer seeing the crazy percentage growth we saw in the previous year, due to the baseline being now much higher. However, things slowed down more than we expected, and this has put a break on some of our plans, notably hiring someone full time to join Jay on the development. We did have an unpaid intern during the spring of 2021, which pushed us to improve some of our internal processes and communication, but haven’t yet had the opportunity to continue in that direction.

An ongoing issue that plagues us are DDOS attacks, which is when bots target our servers, sending thousands of requests, causing our servers to crash. We’ve spend a lot of time this year trying to improve our security, and we recently made the Kanka API still available during these attacks, but they continue to cause issues and data loss for our users on a semi-frequent basis.

What we hope for our next anniversary

We hope to hit a few milestones by Kanka’s fifth anniversary.

For starters, we want to improve our infrastructure and security more to avoid too many disruptions during ddos attacks. This can be done by adding more servers, changing the way pages render, enabling stronger ddos protection services, as well as other techniques.

Secondly, we want to continue growing the community aspect of Kanka. Re-imagining our worldbuilding events, our content packs, our featured campaigns, and other aspects that allow us to showcase your creativity.

And most importantly and obviously, we want to continue making Kanka better. We want the features to be clearer, which we’ve recently done by reworking our features page. We want all of our pages to be as clear and exciting to new and existing users. This is part of our ongoing redesign of various interfaces, unifying how things look, where to find help on common subjects, etc.


And lastly, our statistics. You can have a look at last year’s anniversary to compare the numbers. As always, everything has grown.

Raw numbers overview

  • 98’000 accounts created (just shy of doubling over a year)
  • 17’000 accounts logged in at least twice during the last 3 months (17%, down from 24%)
  • 12’000 accounts older than three months logged in during the last 3 months (12%, stable)
  • Two users have more logins than Jay, with our member Guardian still in first position (7k vs 3.7k)
  • Biggest Campaign: 286 members
  • Largest Campaign: 12’000 entities

Total entities created

  • Characters: 480k (with another 42k deleted)
  • Locations: 440k
  • Races: 170k
  • Items: 147k
  • Tags: 144k
  • Notes: 105
  • Organisations: 105k
  • Abilities: 75k
  • Families: 63k
  • Events: 57k
  • Quests: 40k
  • Journals: 36k
  • Maps: 20k
  • Attribute templates: 12k
  • Calendars: 8k
  • Timelines: 6k
  • Conversations: 1k (deprecated)
  • Dice rolls: 1k (deprecated)

Where our users are from

Top 10 countries over the last 90 days

  • 32% of visitors are from the USA
  • 13% from Brazil
  • 6% from Germany
  • 5.6% from the United Kingdom
  • 5.4% from Canada
  • 5.1% from France
  • 2.8% from Spain
  • 2.7% from Italy
  • 2.5% from Australia
  • 1.8% from Poland

The top 10 has been steady now for two years. Poland is the new kid on the block, thanks to our partners Gramel Books who translate Kanka into Polish. The other 9 haven’t changed much.

Kanka gets above 1’800 daily active users, up 20%. Daily visits have gone up, fluctuating between 2.2k and 2.8k.

Google tells us that the biggest demographic is still 18-34 year old (75% of users, stable), however males (72%) have gone down from last year’s high of 77%. This follows a welcomed shift in the TTRPG community at large.

More Kanka stats

  • Total number of campaigns: 80k
  • Public campaigns: 2.1k
  • Pinned relations: 45k of 200k
  • Pinned attributes: 200k of 2m
  • Posts: 100k (with a big uptick since the new entity design)

Each campaign has a language (locale) field that can be filled out.

  • 66k no info
  • 9k english
  • 3.7k american english
  • 1k french
  • 700 german
  • 665 brazilian portuguese
  • 581 spanish
  • 208 italian
  • etc

Campaigns can also indicate which system they use, when playing a TTRPG.

  • 77k no info
  • 1.2k D&D
  • 1.2k D&D5e
  • 217 pathfinder
  • 72 savage worlds
  • 55 chronicles of darkness
  • 50 dungeon world
  • 49 fate
  • 48 gurps
  • 42 DSA
  • 35 Pathfinder 2E
  • etc

Closing words

To close off our anniversary, we are doing something new! Until the end of October, when subscribing to any of our yearly subscriptions, use promo code KANKA4YEAR at checkout to get 20% off your first yearly subscription!

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