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Kanka v1.0 – The Big Release

Dear users, we’re super excited to finally release Kanka v1.0! During our December Q&A, we were asked when we would foresee this happening. We didn’t have a plan at the time but it set in motion the idea that Kanka has grown tremendously in over 3 years, and a “v1” was finally due.

We’ve packed a bunch of features in this release to celebrate v1 and the new year. So get yourselves a beverage of your choosing, some snacks, and buckle up!

New Text Editor For All

We’ve been experimenting with the Summernote text editor since the summer of 2020. Users were able to select it and provide feedback. We’ve decided to move everyone to the new text editor with Kanka v1, with those who prefer the old editor still being able to do so in their profile settings.

We’ve added a few features to this text editor. Firstly, if you mention an entity and change the text displayed in the grey “mention” bubble, the mention will be saved as an advanced mention using the [entity:id|custom name] syntax. This feature is only available in Summernote.

Secondly, we’ve added a plugin that will inject a table of contents to your entities. This only scans for the “h1” html paragraph headers, and doesn’t update automatically.

We’ve also added the option to inject a html “summary & detail” block, which can act as a “spoiler” block. Make sure to close the block when editing for it to default to closed when viewing an entity. Its open status is saved when saving an entity.

Lastly, we’ve fixed an issue where changing content in Summernote and navigating to another page didn’t properly warn the user about unsaved data.

Entity Links For Boosted Campaigns

On numerous occasions, our community has asked for a way to set links on an entity that would point to external websites like DndBeyond. Boosted campaigns can now set such “entity links” on entities. To control the links, view an entity and click “manage links” in the “actions” dropdown. These links can have a name, a custom icon, and a position.

manage links on an entity (boosted campaign)

Adding links this way will display them below the entity’s image in the entity’s view.

entity links on boosted entity
Entity links displayed in a boosted entity’s header

Pinned Entity Notes

Another frequently asked feature was for a way to display entity notes on the main view of an entity, rather than on a tab. As some entities have over 100 entities notes, we couldn’t just display them all. So instead, entity notes now have a “pinned” option, just like relations and attributes. A new “pinned position” option has also been added to control which notes appear in which order. Note that by design, pinned entity notes are “open” when loading the page.

entity notes pinned option
The new pinned option on entity notes, and the pinned position.

Other Smaller Improvements

Now that the new features are out of the way, let’s have a look at some improvements we’re introducing with Kanka v1.

The Permissions tab of a campaign has a new set of options. Default visibility for entity notes, relations, abilities, etc… allow you to control the default option selected for the visibility field. A new Pin new entity notes option was also added to this interface.

default visibility
Default visibility and pinned entity notes options

On the topic of visibility, a new Member option was added. This is if you want your campaign to be public, but some elements only visible to members of the campaign.

Campaign Roles that aren’t public or admin have a new set of permissions to outsource some of your DM work to your players. You can now give some roles the ability to invite new members to your campaign, edit the dashboards, or even edit the campaign itself (name, description, image).

campaign role management
New campaign permissions for roles

Two new filters have been added to most entity lists: Has Entity Files and Has Entity Notes. This allows you to filter out entities that either have or don’t have any of these associated elements on them.

has entity notes and files filters
The new filter options

For calendars, we’ve added the option to customise the colour of reminders. This works with dark colours best, as the text is always displayed as white.

When navigating to a Kanka page that requires you to be logged in and you aren’t, logging in will now redirect you to the initially required page.

We’ve added lots of information to the entities/ API endpoint.

Bug fixes

Fixed several missing fields and bad documentation in the APIs.

Fixed a bug where a social account (login through facebook & co) could reset the password, setting the account into a weird state.

As always, come join us on our Discord server!

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