3 year review

Biannual review: Kanka turns three

It’s every statistic lover’s favourite time of year again! Kanka is turning three years old in October 2020 so here we are with another biannual review on how the app has changed during the past 6 months. Our previous review already felt crazy with the growth we saw. Can we top it again with this three year in review?

Watch our livestream covering the numbers in this article!

Raw Numbers

  • 50’000 accounts created (just shy of doubling over 6 months)
  • 12’000 accounts logged in at least twice during the last 3 months (24%, stable)
  • 6’100 accounts older than three months logged in during the last 3 months (12%, stable)
  • Guardian’s account has more logins than mine (6k vs 3k). I blame it on his usage of the Kanka API.
  • Biggest Campaign: 250 members
  • Largest Campaign: 4’700 entities

Total Entities

  • Characters: 240k
  • Locations: 230k
  • Races: 84k
  • Tags: 74k
  • Items: 71k
  • Organisations: 52k
  • Notes: 44k
  • Families: 33k
  • Events: 32k
  • Quests: 21k
  • Abilities: 20k (new)
  • Journals: 17k
  • Attribute templates: 7.5k
  • Calendars: 5k
  • Maps: 3.5k (new)
  • Conversations: 1k (deprecated)
  • Dice rolls: 1k (deprecated)
  • Timelines: 700 (new)

Where our users are

Top 10 countries over the last 90 days

  • 33% of visitors are from the USA
  • 11% from Brazil
  • 6.2% from France
  • 5.8% from Germany
  • 5.4% from the United Kingdom
  • 5.3% from Canada
  • 3.4% from Spain
  • 2.7% from Italy
  • 2.2% from Australia
  • 2% from the Argentina (new)

The USA continues to be our primary market, but is still far from Kanka’s early days where nearly 60% of all users where from the United States.

Kanka gets above 1’500 daily active users, up 50%. Daily visits have stayed stable fluctuating between 1.8k and 2.3k (slight increase).

Google tells us that the biggest demographic is still 18-34 year old (77% of users, going up) males (79.3% of users, also up).

Our Amazing Community

We repeat the same thing at every occasion we have: we feel truly blessed to have such an amazing community. From a small hobby project, our community has helped change our lives where we are now able to live working on our passion. Our community is supportive in the changes and directions with go with, is creative in the events we host, is caring and welcoming to new and returning users, and most importantly is what makes Kanka great and what motivates us to do better every single day.

To be closer to our community, we’ve also started doing monthly Livestreams on twitch and Youtube, allowing us to answer your questions in a fun manner. Kanka worldbuilding events were also introduced to further engage our users and get their creative juices flowing.

The majority of the community’s interaction is on our Discord server, over 1’500 user strong.

Big Changes In A Short Amount Of Time

The past six months saw a number of changes to the application. Firstly we added Catalan, Greek, Russian, Hebrew and Croatian as languages available to Kanka. We released the first phase of Project Freyja, our code name for a new interface for the application. We allowed creativity to flourish by opening up a marketplace for boosted campaigns to share amazing campaign themes. We’ve also added Map, Timelines and Abilities as new modules for worldbuilders and ttrpg players.

Behind the scenes

As mentioned earlier, Kanka’s growth in users and subscribers has allowed Jon and I to work full time on Kanka. Between Patreon and subscriptions, we currently see between USD 2.5 and 3k come in every month, a huge growth from the beginning of the year’s USD 500. We hope to continue growing and ultimately hire designers and developers to help us progress faster towards our goals for Kanka.

I started working on Kanka full time in July and had some amazing spouts of productivity, but also really enjoyed being able to take some weeks off and only be present on the Discord and fixing bugs. This makes working on the app really enjoyable, and also a deliberate choice of mine to avoid burnout. Burnout is a serious threat for all hobby projects which become a job, and something I am always careful to avoid.

Next Up

Our next biannual review will be in April 2021 for the three and a half years of Kanka. In the meantime, we have a worldbuilding event going on themed around halloween.

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