2.5 Year Review

With Kanka now two and a half years old, it’s now time to look at some stats again. The last stats were for the 2 Year Review of the project.

A lot has changed since the previous review. I quit my job to work full time on Kanka, my best friend joined Kanka as a business manager to help make that a reality, and more translators, testers and helpers joined the team!

Let’s start off with some raw numbers.


  • 28’200 accounts created
  • 260 accounts deleted
  • 6’680 accounts logged in at least twice during the last 3 months (23%, down from 30%)
  • 3’643 accounts older than three months logged in during the last 3 months (13%)
  • No accounts logged in more often than I did (2’445 times), with ArcOnyx now trailing in 4th position at 1’337
  • Biggest Campaign: 227 members
  • Largest Campaign: 2’720 entities


  • Characters: 140k
  • Locations: 136k
  • Races: 50k
  • Tags: 44k
  • Items: 42k
  • Organisations: 30k
  • Notes: 20k
  • Families: 20k
  • Events: 20k
  • Quests: 12k
  • Journals: 10k
  • Attribute templates: 4.8k
  • Calendars: 3k
  • Dice rolls: 838
  • Conversations: 646


Top 10 countries over the last 90 days

  • 26% of visitors are from the USA
  • 16% from France
  • 13% from Spain
  • 7% from Germany
  • 6% from the United Kingdom
  • 4% from Canada
  • 2% from Australia
  • 2% from Brazil
  • 2% from the Netherlands
  • 1% Belgium

Italy falls out of the top 10, but the US’s domination has declined once again.

Kanka gets above 1’000 daily active users, up 100%. Daily visits have also increased over 100% to nearly hitting 2’000 per day.

Google tells us that the biggest demographic is still 18-34 year old (75% of users, though this is down) males (76% of users, also down).

Patrons on Patreon continue to be amazing and cover all hosting costs and allow me to work full time on Kanka starting this summer. The number of Patreons has increased to nearly 350, and the average pledge has also gone up following our changes with our soft relaunch.

Comments about the numbers

While a lot of these numbers are up (sessions, daily users), the proportion of returning users who stay with Kanka has gone down compared to previous reviews (even if raw number are up). This is mostly because we are now running ads to increase exposure to the app. While our previous model was word-of-mouth based, which has a higher retention rate, ads bring in more volatile users who might not stick around as much.


The community around the app continues to be amazing and help me work towards making Kanka better with each update.

Our Discord has now surpassed the 1’000 mark. To help me with taking care of new users, an Onboarding Team was setup on Discord which has been incredibly helpful to new and existing users find answers to their questions. Yet again, despite the growth, the community has stayed friendly and welcoming, and no-one has been banned so far, which I find very positive, and for which you should all give yourselves a round of applause!

Behind the scenes

2020 has been a crazy year so far on all fronts. Me quitting my job to work full time on Kanka is the biggest change that I only dreamed of during the last review. Bringing in Jonathan to help with all the admin, marketing and social media side of things and setting up the onboarding team has liberated a lot of time for me to spend working on the app.

Another huge source of help and support came from ChaosOS joining the QA team and leading the onboarding team, so another round of applause for him!

There are a lot more exciting things planned for the rest of the year which I’d like to tease here.

  • Monsters, Maps v3, Timelines and a Marketplace are some of the big features that I have on my radar for this year. Stay tuned to our frequent community votes, and help us shape Kanka the way we all want to it evolve.
  • We plan on integrating subscriptions directly in the app instead of having to rely on Patreon for payments. This will simplify several processes on our side, allow us to offer yearly subscriptions, coupons, and give the app a more professional feel. More info coming very soon.
  • A fantastic designer is helping redesign the app to be more modern and to massively increase the workflows and clarity of the interface. I hope to have some first visible changes out during the next two months!
  • We’re working on setting up a proper blog to post complex tutorials, short stories starring random Kanka campaign characters that don’t quite fit the more traditional “news” feature, and behind the scenes elements, such as dev blogs and days in the life of.

Helping Out

We are always welcoming to people who want to help out! Being the only developer makes it hard for me to find time to work on all the features I want for the app, as well as manage testers, translators, videos and content. Some skills that could help out include:

  • PHP programing, preferably with the Laravel framework.
  • Javascript programing with good knowledge in VueJS.
  • SEO knowledge or even expertise. The app needs to be better advertised on search engines.
  • Translators: Helping out with existing languages, or translating in new languages.
  • Community promoters: People who can promote the app at conventions, online communities, Youtube/Twitch channels etc.
  • Contributors for our upcoming blog

If you have any experience in any of these fields and want to help out, please contact us on Discord or [email protected].

That’s about it for today! Hope you all enjoyed this post and I look forward to your continued support of the app.

As always, come say hi on the Discord, and thank you for using Kanka!

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