Kanka release 0.41

Release 0.41 – Project Freyja, Maps for all, and Filters

Just a few days after releasing Timelines in early access to boosted campaigns, we’re releasing a new big visual update to all, named Project Freyja. We’re also releasing a few filter options that were popular in the last community vote. Oh and let’s not forget releasing Maps out of early access!

New Features

Project Freyja – Phase I

We’ve been teasing Project Freyja for a while now on the Kanka Discord server. Today we are super excited and proud to release the first phase! Freyja in norse mythology is a goddess or love and beauty, which we find fitting for the Kanka UI rewrite. I started Kanka close to 3 years ago and used a free online template that I was familiar with. Little did I know that Kanka would become a product that 40’000 users love and use every day.

Luckily for us, a fantastic designer by the name of gluternick has been designing new UIs for Kanka during the summer, and today we are releasing the first focus of his work: the sidebar.

Freyja Sidebar
The new sidebar and campaign switcher

With this change, we’re moving the campaign switcher to be easier to find for new users. Elements have been rearranged into two sections: your “world” and your “campaign”. We’ve also switched around the icons used a bit based off of his recommendations. Another change is that the Quick Links are now always displayed at the top, meaning they are no longer hidden from users, allowing you to better help navigate new users to your campaigns.

The quick creator is now always “stuck” to the bottom of the sidebar, allowing you to quickly find it without having to scroll when you need. The quick creator will get a few more improvements in the upcoming month, so we’re not finished yet!

New Kanka Logo and Icon

We wouldn’t be satisfied with a new look of the sidebar without also finally getting a professional logo and icon for Kanka. Jeff Ross, who previously did the amazing icons for our various pledge levels, has graced us with more fantastic visuals! You’ll see us update all of our social media with the new logo and icon in the upcoming days.

The new Kanka Logo
The new Kanka Icon

Maps for all

The new Maps module is now out of early access and available for all campaigns!


Something something filters

We’ve added a few filter options. For example, you can now search for characters that are not part of a family, or even show all locations that have no parent location. Another new filter is to be able to filter all entities with or without an image. Most exciting for tag lovers is the ability to filter all entities that don’t have a list of selected tags, or have no tags.

Last but not least, you can finally filter quests by completed status! Huzzah!


We’ve received feedback from subscribers that the notifications when payment details didn’t work was lacking (only in the app), so we’ve added emails to the mix. If a payment method fails, an email will be send with what to do. In the event that the payment method fails for a third time, a cancellation email is sent with the reason why went wrong.

LFGM Integration

Added info in our FAQ and in the welcome note for new campaigns regarding our LFGM integration options.

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug where deleting a role would try and notify users of that role but failed in the background.

Fixed a bug with text colour wasn’t saved in the new text editor Summernote. Also fixed the bug with the Embed popup disappearing as soon as a single character was typed in.

Timeline elements can now also link to Tags.

Fixed an issue with the breadcrumbs when editing a Reminder not pointing to the correct entities.

Fixed an issue for Timelines for unlogged users.

Ads for non logged in users

While we stay committed to creating an ad-free experience for all our users, we are going to serve a single ad banner at the top of all campaign pages for non logged in users. We mentioned during our August livestream Q&A that we are looking at ways to increase our user engagement, and encouraging them to log in is one way to do that. We are also trying to nudge users who visit public campaigns on Kanka to create an account so that we can hopefully entice them to try Kanka out.

Ad banner for unlogged users on a public campaign.

4 Replies to “Release 0.41 – Project Freyja, Maps for all, and Filters”

  1. That new sidebar looks really sexy!

    I do have some reservations about the new main font, though. Roboto looks good on mobile, but kind of weird on desktop. I will use custom CSS to revert to Source Pro Sans personally, I feel like it makes everything look smoother, and especially the entity attribute headers stand out more while being slightly smaller.

  2. Great change, really liking the new logo, the new fonts seems fine to me on desktop. The only thing is that I had to adjust screen size to 90% in firefox probably because I use the spanish text and for example under characters the presentation options didn’t line up correctly with the counters but adjunsting the screen size worked just fine.

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