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Release 0.39 – New Maps Module

Today we are proud to release the new Maps v3 module in early access to boosted campaigns. Maps are no longer a field to a location but are now their own module in Kanka.

In case you missed it, our previous release 0.38 focused on integrating with LookingForGM, JSON entity exports, and increasing the standard map size for free tier users.

New Features

Map (early access for boosted campaigns)

The new Exploration mode for Maps

We’ve changed maps from being part of a location to their own module, and changed a lot of the way they work. We’ve moved away from our own code for maps and based the new module around the leaflet framework, which has a lot of features already built in, a large collection of plugins, and also works well on mobile.

  • Added the ability to add layers to maps, each with their own image.
  • Added the ability to set a grid to a map.
  • Markers have a lot more options now:
    • Custom Shapes
    • Custom Icons for boosted campaigns (fontawesome, rpgawesome, or svg)
    • A new Label shape
    • A description
    • Controllable opacity
    • Visibility (admin, self + admin, self)
  • A new Exploration mode allows to view a map in full screen with double click to zoom, and draggable markers can be moved and will be moved on the window of other users.

The old maps module will stay active for existing maps. Releasing the new maps module to all after the early access phase will disable uploading new maps to the old system. Editing existing maps on the old module will always be possible.

Please note that due to the completely different way our previous and new system works, there is no automatic script to migrate from the old maps to the new ones.


HTML Embeds: You can now embed google maps and spotify podcasts into the text editor.

Attributes can now have the name ‘0’.

Quick Links can now point to a location’s “locations” page.

Community Votes now display how many votes have been cast.

Bug Fixes

Fixed special characters in the name of a campaign not properly displaying in various interfaces.

Fixed applying attribute templates not keeping a correct order.

Fixed CORS issues with the new servers.

Fixed an issue with filters on the public campaigns page.

Fixed Tag filters not properly working on the new servers.

Fixed a problem with YouTube and Spotify embeds on the campaign dashboard rendering bigger than the widget.

Changed the Character field to Instigator when creating or updating a Quest.

Fixed a bug in the API for adding tags to an entity.

Fixed issues with SEO/Sitemaps.

Fixed an rare bug with cancelling a monthly subscription that would cause a weird state in an account.

Next Up

That’s it for now! We hope you enjoy the new maps module and will be tweaking it/improving it over the next month based on user feedback. The next Community Vote should also go live next week so stay excited for that!

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