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v0.38: LFGM integration & Higher Map Upload for Free users

Today we are proud to release version 0.38 of Kanka. With this update, we are increasing the map upload size for all free users from 1 MB to 3 MB, and adding a third party integration for LookingForGM.com (LFGM).

We are also releasing a small batch of quality of life improvements that should make everyone happy about at least one thing 🙂

As a reminder, our previous release 0.37 was focused on negative permissions and massive performance improvements.

New Features

Maps: free users can now upload 3 MB maps to their locations instead of the previous 1 MB limit.

LookingForGM.com Integration: users who manage their game planning on LFGM can now link their calendar to their Kanka campaign. This adds a dashboard widget that will display the GM’s upcoming events for that campaign. This is our first collaboration with another platform and we are super excited to build more cool things to make DMing and worldbuilding easier!

kanka LFGM sync page
Kanka’s LFGM sync page

JSON Exports: every entity can now be exported to the JSON format directly from the entity action bar. The PDF export has also been renamed to make it more clear that it is a PDF export. Behind the scenes, the JSON export uses the same code as the API.

Kanka entity json export
JSON export directly from an entity view

New Languages: Kanka is now available in three new languages. Croatian thanks to Blaze, Hebrew thanks to Beefpotato, and Russian thanks to Ilia!


Relations: added a new colour field to relations to help you quickly colour-code your relations. Also added a description for what the attitude field actually does. Lastly, added a better placeholder for the relation field.

kanka relations colour
Relationship colour coding

Mentions: the entity type in the mentions modal is now shown in parentheses to make it clear where the entity is being mentioned.

Bulk Delete: added a confirmation message when trying to delete many entities at the same time.

Entry Field: added the details and summary html elements as valid. The id and class values are now also valid for img and a elements.

API: the url to a location’s map is now the complete url rather than the internal, unsuable url.

Characters: you can now filter the characters list by organisation.

Google Docs Embedding: you can now embed google documents into the Entry field of entities, the same way Spotify and YouTube can be embedded.

Calendars: moons can now have a decimal resolution time. So if you want to mimic the earth’s moon, set the full moon phase to 29.53 (note that this isn’t exact and will cause differences with how our real moon phases).

Bug Fixes

Fixed issues with Safari and iOS devices not being able to properly load images from our new image server.

Next Up

With me going full time on Kanka as of the 1st of June, our next priority will be to setup the new servers, focus on a roadmap and prepare the first big community vote for June/July!

As always, don’t forget to join our Discord to be part of our amazing community.

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