LFGM Kanka Sync

Syncing your LGFM and Kanka Campaigns

We’ve set up a nice little option for campaigns who plan their sessions through LookingForGM.com (LFGM) to show their events directly on the Kanka campaign dashboards. In this tutorial, we’ll be exploring how to set everything up.

Checklist of the things you’ll need

You’ll need two things to set everything up. The first is a campaign on Kanka where you are part of the “admin” role. This is required for the sync to create a campaign dashboard widget. The second is an account and campaign over on LFGM.

Setting up the LFGM and Kanka sync

Head over to your LFGM campaign page and edit your campaign. Fill the “Have a Kanka Hub? Enter the ID here:” field with your Campaign ID. Your campaign ID is available in every url of your campaign, located as a number after “campaign/”. If your campaign url is https://kanka.io/en-US/campaign/123123/, your campaign ID is 123123.

Save the changes to your LFGM campaign. You should now see a Kanka icon on your LFGM campaign dashboard below the name.

The Kanka icon becomes visible once you provide the “Kanka hub ID”.

Click on the Kanka icon to go to the last step of the process, which is the sync setup page. On this page, you will be shown a list of campaigns you are an admin of. Select the campaign you can to sync up and hit “synchronize”.

LFGM – Kanka campaign sync interface.

You’re then redirected to your campaign dashboard where a new widget will be added, showing your upcoming LFGM events. Behind the scenes, this widget is simply a note that has been added to your campaign. You can control permissions on the note to control who sees the widget, or move it around by reorganising your dashboard.

Kanka campaign dashboard with the LFGM widget.

And done, happy gaming!

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