Kanka 1.6 attributes on steroids

Kanka v1.6 – Attributes on steroids

Dear Kanka users, we’re releasing features from our latest roadmap. After releasing map improvements, we’re now focusing on the runner up of the vote, namely attributes. If you are a subscriber, don’t forget to go vote in the current community vote!

New features for attributes

Firstly, we’ve added a new “random” attribute type to Kanka. This option is only available on attribute templates. These are either a range between two numbers using the 1-100 syntax, or a random value between a list of texts using the London, Berlin, Zürich syntax. When applying an attribute template to an entity, a value will be automatically assigned.

kanka attributes random

Secondly, we’ve reworked the whole way attributes can reference other attributes to make calculations. Previously, you couldn’t reference an attribute that itself was a calculation based on other attributes. The whole code has been rewritten to allow endlessly deep calculations. The code does detect endless loops, for example if A references B, which references A. In this case, A will be evaluated as 0 and a warning will be shown in the attributes.

kanka attributes loop warning
Attribute loop alert

We recently released the ability for abilities to be calculations based on other attributes using the {attribute name} syntax. This only worked if the referenced attribute was a value, not itself a calculation based on other values. It is now possible to nest calculations, so an attribute A=5, B={A}+5, C={B}+{A} and D={C)*{A}.


You can now click on an attribute in the entity’s attributes tab. Doing so will copy the attribute mention to your clipboard.

Attributes can now reference the entity’s name using {name}. An attributed named “name” will be used if there is one instead.

When creating a new account, the welcome email now includes the information if you are logging in using a social media account.

When adding members to a campaign role, members already in the role won’t show up as options. The role member removal interface was also tweaked to be clearer.

Made the entity templates features more obvious to users. The entity template dropdown is now always visible next to the “new entity” button, with a link to a small documentation explaining how to use this feature.

kanka entity template documentation

When bulk editing notes, you can now set the parent note value.

We’ve added the following domains to the iFrame whitelist: www.aonprd.com, 2e.aonprd.com, and www.aonsrd.com.

Marketplace improvements

Plugin creators can now delete plugins in the marketplace. Go to view your plugin and a new “delete” action is available.

kanka marketplace delete plugin

Another improvement is that plugins can be duplicated, which will duplicate any versions of the plugin that are more recent (and including) the last published version.

kanka marketplace plugin duplicate action

The biggest change is that we now allow using more conditions in attribute templates on the marketplace! The new rendering engine changes the way you reference attributes in conditions.

Important: Existing template versions will continue using the old code and syntax, while any new and updated version will use the new rendering engine. A full documentation of the syntax and available functions is available here.

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug with importing race abilities on a character.

Plugins in the draft status no longer show on a user’s profile on the marketplace.

Fixed the map dashboard widget not displaying icon colours properly.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server! If you’re new to Kanka, we recently release two new tutorials for checking permissions and working with the API.

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