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Roadmap March 2021 – More goodies and options for maps

Our subscribers and Patrons have finished voting on our latest community vote. While it was a tight race, we have a clear winner for the march 2021 roadmap: more stuff for maps! With the recent Kanka 1.4 release, we’ll be focusing on these new features.

Primary focus: more maps

Maps is once again the winner of the community vote! This will focus on setting a custom radius on the circles markers, adding descriptions and more visual control to polygons. We’ll also add a way to transform a marker into a new entity, for those who don’t have everything set up while placing markers.

Lastly, the biggest feature will concern copying maps and adding the possibility to copy layers, groups and markers. This will also include a way to copy these elements when copying a map from one campaign to another.

Secondary focus: attributes

Our runner up in the vote was for attributes to get new options like random, icon, and charge attributes. The biggest improvement will be to allow more logical loops in marketplace attribute templates to allow more than just “if” statements.

Other goodies for March 2021

We released our first version of project Njord with 1.4, and will continue focusing on that during the month. The goal of project Njord is to improve information for newcomers to Kanka, to better showcase the features and options new and existing users can use.

Another area of focus will be to improve the API documentation, namely to go into more detail about some of the expected values and what they do.

Feature wise, we’ll continue doing small incremental improvements to various parts of the app, and continue releasing frequent bug fixes. We don’t have exact plans as the roadmap features will already keep us very busy.

Come join us over on Discord to get sneak peaks at the progress being made on the month’s roadmap!

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