Kanka 1.4 wyvern pledge

Kanka v1.4 – new Wyvern pledge, project Njord and Polish translations

Dear Kanka users, we are excited to be releasing a slightly smaller update following Kanka v1.3 – Open campaigns & better interfaces. Some of you have been very vocal about this, and so we are introducing a new Wyvern pledge to allow the superboosting of two campaigns. We’ve also released some improvements to the front pages of Kanka to help new users better understand some features.

New Feature – Wyvern Pledge

We’ve introduced a new Wyvern pledge at $10/€10 a month, or $110/€110 a year. This gives you 6 boosters, but allows you to upload 15 MB entity images and files, and 20 MB maps to your campaigns! You of course get all of the Owlbear benefits on top of that.

the new wyvern pledge among the other pledges

We’ve also increased the map file upload for Elementals to a whooping 50 MB per map!

If you wish to subscribe to the Wyvern pledge, head over to https://kanka.io/en/settings/subscription. Upgrading from Owlbear to the new Wyvern pledge can be done on the same page. A pro-rata discount is automatically calculated by Stripe if you have a yearly Owlbear subscription. The discount isn’t displayed in the interface but will be taken into account when charging you card.

Please note that upgrading your subscription is not possible when using the Sofort or Giropay payment methods, as they don’t auto-renew. If you wish to upgrade while using one of those methods, please contact us at [email protected] or on Discord.

New Feature – Polish translation

Our partners over at Gramel Gaming have translated Kanka into Polish! Check it out at https://kanka.io/pl 🥳


As announced during our latest livestream, project Freyja is on hold while we search for a new designer. However, we also mentioned project Njord, where we aim to increase the information available to new users!

Project Njord

We’ve reworked several of the front facing pages. The features page now include new subpages that go into detail how some of the features like Timelines or Calendars work.

We’re also tweaking some of the visuals on the front pages to be clearer, work better on mobile, and be faster to load.

Other improvements

Mentions in the default text editor now support non-latin letters, symbols, and emojis. The ‘ character is now also valid, so you can search for things like “Do’Urden”.

mentions support for special characters

Subscribers now have an option to hide their name from the Hall of fame. They can change this option in their profile settings.

The timeline era, map layer and map group forms will now have a dynamic validation. This also fixes an issue with map layer form errors changing the map name.

Several announcements are now displayed simultaneously on the dashboard. Previously, only the latest announcement was shown. With this update, we now have 4 categories behind the scenes that will show the latest of each to users. Users can now stay up to date with new releases, new community votes, new events and more when several announcements are made in a short time frame.

The gallery feature for superboosted campaigns now shows the entities that use an image as their entity image.

superboosted gallery used in entities

We’ve added information on how to add, update and remove organisation members in the Kanka API docs.

Lastly, we’re improving the “private” checkbox on all entities to be clearer about what it does, along with it having a link to the campaign’s admin role. The field now displays at the end of a form rather than after tags, making it more obvious on mobile.

Bug fixes

As is tradition, we’ve fixed a lot of bugs in this update!

Fixed a bug in plugins showing the text of draft releases in the “update available” popup.

Calendars that have the “auto advancing” feature turned on will now all properly advance. There was a bug where a single calendar badly set up crashed the whole process.

Fixed a permission issue where users could create new tags in a campaign even without having the right permissions.

Subscribers wishing to cancel their subscription had an endless loop in some cases. This was related to them removing their credit card information first, causing validation issues on our end. This has now been fixed.

Fixed a bug where newly created tags when saving an entity would get the image of the entity.

Some maps would not render properly because of weird characters in the popover of markers.

Fixed a bug with the parent event filter not working on the campaign’s event list. This fix only concerns the non-nested view.

Entities with images from the campaign gallery wouldn’t display properly on dashboard widgets.

Finally, fixed a long lasting bug in calendars where named weeks would appear wrongly if the month would reset the weekday.

As always, thanks to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server! If you’re new to Kanka, we recently release two new tutorials for checking permissions and working with the API.

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