Release 0.45.1

Release 0.45.1 – Bug fixes

With the latest community vote soon coming to a close, we wanted to release a small update with a few bug fixes. But threat not, we are also including a few tiny improvements.


Entity Files can now support mp3 and ogg sound files.

You can now embed Soundcloud embeds in the entry field of entities.

For our amazing marketplace theme developers, we’ve added a way to call each page with a specific Kanka base theme. Simply call a page, for example a character page, and add ?_theme=dark in the url. Dark can be replaced by base, future or midnight.

So for example, to see the Thaelia campaign’s dashboard with the dark theme, call

Still on the subject of Marketplace crafters, there is a new Settings subpage to control your name displayed on the marketplace. Go to to set your marketplace name.

When viewing a Quest, the Quests tab now also includes the completed and date fields of the subquests.

Bug Fixes

Entity Logs stopped keeping keeping track of updates since early September.

The new Relation Explorer was changed to act on node click rather than double click to open an entity. This makes it also way friendlier on mobile.

When setting an attribute as “pinned” (star icon), it also set the private value.

Entity notes had issues for unlogged users causing error pages instead of a 404 page.

Calendars in the “Yearly” view didn’t take into account the calendar start offset value.

On a campaign dashboard, the recently modified widget icon didn’t use the boosted campaign “default icons” feature.

With the new experimental Summernote text editor, when selecting a mention dropdown value and clicking “Save”, it didn’t properly inject the mention. This was an annoying bug that has been fixed.

Quest subelements “private” value didn’t default to the campaign default visibility setting.

Timelines custom icons has issues for some of the fontawesome icons.

Copying a Journal or Quest that had a calendar date didn’t properly load the “calendar date” tab, causing issues when saving the new entity with invalid data.

What’s up next

While we wait for the community vote to finish, we’re concentrating on adding small improvements to the new Marketplace, and prepare a small video for the winner of our first community event.

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