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Release 0.45 – Marketplace, Entity Templates and more map improvements

We’re excited to release a big release today that includes the last element of September’s community vote: entity templates! We’re also including a few improvements to Maps and the new Relation Explorer. Oh, and a marketplace?

New Features


During our last Q&A, we teased a brand new marketplace for boosted campaigns. This will allow creators to share their custom CSS with others to fully customise their boosted Kanka campaigns, with plans later on for content pack and attribute templates to also be available.

The Kanka Marketplace

Any creators, can create templates on the marketplace. Once approved, it can be added to boosted campaigns through the marketplace. Creators can provide updates to their themes to help reflect changes to the CSS and to Kanka. Creators can also upload images to showcase what their plugins do!

Boosted campaigns can have any number of themes installed, so if a theme for character pages tickles your fancy, as well as another one for the dashboard, you can have them both. Marketplace themes can still be overwritten with the normal campaign CSS.

We’re very excited to see what fantastic themes people will built with this new feature! We’ll share more about Content Packs and Attribute Templates in the new future.

Entity Templates

Campaign admins can now set entity templates. This adds a new option on the entity lists next to the top “create new entity” button to create an entity based on the template.

setting an entity as a template
Setting an entity as a template
creating an entity based on a template
Creating a new entity based on a template


Maps once again get some improvements! Map Layers have a new Type option that can define them as an Overlay instead of a normal layer.

map layer type option
The new layer type option for maps

The default “center” position of a map can now be set. To define this value, edit the map, go to the Settings tab, and set the default longitude & latitude position.

We’ve also added APIs and documentation for the new maps!

The new Relation Explorer has a new zoom controller, and the mouse zoom has been taken down a notch. The Relation Explorer also now looks better in the various themes.

The Character bulk edit interface can now also set the gender field.

Lastly, a new filter option on public campaigns to search for boosted campaigns was added.

Bug Fixes

Map legends are now properly ordered when in a map group. Map Layers size has been fixed to 10MB for boosted campaigns. The Explore button on map lists will now properly open if in nested view mode.

Ongoing event

Don’t forget that we are running our first community event until the 27th of September! Check it out and participate by detailing a recipe in your world! We will do our best to cook the winner 🤤

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