1.44 – Post layout, campaign genres, better defaults

Dear Kanka users, we are back with another big update, focusing on post layouts, the winner of our summer community vote.

Introducing post layout for premium campaigns

Our community winner unlocks a new “layout” option for posts. This post layout is available when creating a new post on an entity a shown below.

post layout dropdown field

By default, the Entry option is selected, which will render a standard post as text (aka, the layout that already exists). Depending on the post’s entity type, different options will be available. For example, characters have access to their organisations, while quests have access to their elements.

When an option other than Entry is selected, the text field, location, and display block will disappear from the form. Visibility, position and CSS class are still available, as well as advanced permissions. A post’s layout cannot be changed after its creation.

post layout editing helper

The following example displays a character with multiple posts with custom layouts. The action buttons of the subpages aren’t available, as the overview’s goal is to represent data, rather than work with data. Interacting with elements from a subpage rendered here will redirect a user to the subpage rather then back to the overview.

post layout example character

This feature is currently only available to premium and our legacy superboosted campaigns.

Defining campaign genres for easier filtering

When setting up a campaign, there is now a new genre section in the sharing tab. This allows a campaign admin to set up to three genres from a list of 20.

campaign form genre

This adds a new filter to public campaigns.

campaign genre filter

Better default element ordering

Also new is the default order in which elements appear on subpages, like a location’s characters, a character’s organisations, or a tag’s entities. Elements now appear alphabetically, instead of the previous order which showed them by oldest to newest.

General improvements with 1.44

Dashboard widgets received some small tweaks. The entity list now uses the campaign’s custom module name introduced with 1.42. Widgets with the “show members” option selected not order those members alphabetically, and get a new data-role and data-status property.

Still on dashboard widgets, the random entity widget now also has the option to show the entity’s header as the background image.

The entity action menu has a new link to add a new connection without having to go to the connections subpage.

entity action menu new relation

It’s now easy to transfer all the children of a tag to a new tag with the “Transfer” button.

tag transfer button

User retention following our new policies

As part of our new terms & conditions and privacy policy, this update introduces the following features.

  • We now automatically delete IP addresses in logs after 30 days.
  • Inactive accounts now receive warning emails that their account and associated data is at risk, prompting them to log in during the next 30 days. Seven days before deletion, inactive accounts will receive a second warning. Inactive accounts are accounts that have to not logged in in over 24 months. We never consider users with an active subscription or having had a subscription at any point in the past as inactive.

We expect to tweak these thresholds over time to be the least disruptive possible.

Bug fixes

In the entity’s header, the location icon now uses the campaign’s custom icon if set.

When an unlogged user clicks on a link that results in a “permission denied” page, the user is once again redirected to the same page after login in.

When non-admins of a campaign edited a post, the visibility dropdown wasn’t visible.

The login and register button on the frontend are back on mobile browsers. We’ve also fixed some issues with the navigation bar on small screens.

Copying an attribute template no longer crashes.

Bulk copying items that have a parent didn’t show up in the new campaign.

Users no longer receive an alert that their credit card is about to expire when it won’t actually.

Entities with " in their name no longer break mentions.

Lastly, the “detail & summary” plugin from summernote has been removed, due to it causing repeated data loss.

As always, a huge thanks to our subscribers for making these huge updates possible, and don’t forget to come join us on our Discord!

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

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