1.42 Renaming modules, premium campaigns, and polygones – Release

We are back with a big update which introduces fully renamed modules, the renamed premium campaigns, and once again improving polygons.

Renaming modules

Winner of our spring 2023 community vote, premium campaigns (more on this later) can now customize the name and icon of modules. To access this interface, navigate to World > Modules and click on Customize on the various modules.

renaming modules setup

This brings up a popup where you can write in the singular and plural term for the module, as well as replace the icon.

renaming modules form

This will replace most references to the module throughout the campaign and for all languages. This doesn’t replace the term in various helper texts.

The settings for renaming modules can be reset with the new Reset button to the top right.

renaming modules reset

What about the sidebar?

Boosted campaigns can still change the icon and name displayed in the sidebar. The logic for the sidebar is now to prioritise the sidebar setup, followed by the module setting, falling back on the default module name and icon in Kanka.

Premium campaigns

As announced a few weeks ago, we are merging boosted and superboosted campaigns in the easier premium campaign nomenclature. All new subscriptions will be on this new system, and old subscribers can decide to switch to the new system in their booster preferences.

premium campaigns switch

Map makers rejoice: Polygons v3!

Do you love the idea of polygons but hate their implementation? So do we, so we decided to do something about it. Polygons can now be edited visually by moving edges directly, rather than having to start again from scratch.

polygon editing

Other general improvements

When viewing a family or race, it is now possible to directly add members from the members list.

add members button
add members form

Timeline era dates now have a thousand delimited for big numbers.

Timeline elements now have a position dropdown instead of a number field.

Transforming entities with multiple locations into an entity with a single location will now use the first location on the new entity, and vice-verse in the other direction.

Character sheets

We’ve changed quite a few things with how character sheets work.

First, we’ve removed support for the old { $attribute } syntax from when we migrated to Blade over 2 years ago. This allows us to support {!! $attribute !!} and {{ $attr }} declarations on the same line.

Next, we’ve added a ton of extra variables available directly in the character sheet.

  • $abilities contains an array of the entity’s abilities.
  • $openOL, $closeOL, $openUL, $closeUL, $openLI and $closeLI all represent their html tags to bypass the html purifier.

Lastly, when a sheet fails to render, all available variables are displayed in the error box.

sheet attributes

Bug fixes

When exporting a campaign, the character json now contains the families and races.

Bulk-updating the parent of multiple entities no longer results in out of sync trees.

Moons have their colours back!

Fixed an issue with mentions to entities that have " in their names.

Copying the filter to the clipboard works as expected.

Placing a post in the “first” position when the previous first post was before the entry no longer moves everything to after the entry.

The entity privacy window no longer skips displaying user permissions if no roles have visibility on the entity.

API changes

The entities/ endpoints now expose the type_id on each entity.

We’re adding a calendars/reminders endpoint to access those elements of a calendar.

Saying goodbye to Catalan, Galician, Hungarian

We at Kanka love having Kanka available in multiple languages thanks to our wonderful community. Sadly, when a language stops being translated for a while, the experience deteriorates to a point that doesn’t follow our own standards of quality. For this reason, we are removing Catalan, Galician and Hungarian from Kanka.

Italian and Dutch also face a similar fate, so if you wish to help keep Kanka available in those languages, please contact us directly on our Discord on the #assist-the-team channel!

As always, a huge thanks to our subscribers for making these huge updates possible, and don’t forget to come join us on our Discord!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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