Summer 2023 Roadmap

Summer 2023 Roadmap – Custom post rendering

We are back with another roadmap, this time focusing on what we want to achieve in the Summer of 2023, with our focus being on custom post rendering. But first, let’s do a quick recap on our previous roadmap.

Looking back at the previous three months

We previously set out some very ambitious goals for our latest roadmap. During that time, we implemented the community vote winner, which focused on allowing renaming and changing the icon of modules in a campaign. We also implemented the new grid entity layout, which will be a guiding force for the future redesign of Kanka.

As part of our spring cleaning efforts, we also massively simplified Kanka’s CSS, moving away from Kanka’s dependency on the decade old Bootstrap 3 framework. This has allowed us to introduce a Theme Builder to make it easy for users without knowledge of CSS to stylise their campaigns.

Lastly, we simplified our tiers following multiple months surveying our community.

Community vote winner – post type rendering

Behind this cryptic name hides the ability to set posts on entities to not render text, but a sub-page of the entity instead. As a concrete example, with this, a post will be able to render the attributes subpage of an entity directly in its overview. Same for the inventory, relations, or more.

Gallery improvements

Runner up of the previous community vote, the gallery saw some improvements added to it. We however feel like the job isn’t finished, and would like to provide the following improvements.

  • When uploading an image in the text editor, allow selecting a folder in which the image will be uploaded.
  • When selecting an image from the gallery for an entity’s image or header, allow searching for folder names to list images from that folder, and make it clearer in the dropdown which folder an image belongs to.
  • Lastly, the gallery popup is now quite busy, mixing information, preview, and editing. We have some redesigns we want to implement to make using the gallery easier, including a quicker way to bulk delete images.

Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

Just like every one else, new rules means that we have to update our privacy policy and terms & conditions. Our new ones will be clearer, reducing confusion about the different between private and public campaigns. We’ll also be reducing the amount of information we keep and how long we keep it for. Part of these changes are technical and require us to change the way logging is done in Kanka.

Preparing for Autumn

On a personal note, I (Jay) will be taking a few months off of Kanka from September onwards. It’s not due to burnout (though I could use the holidays), but because I’m becoming a first time Dad. Jon and Itzamná will handle everything during my absence, so you are all left in good hands.

However, for them to be able to continue to work on Kanka during my absence, I need to set them up for success. What this means is that I need to spend a lot of time thinking about and fully speccing out future tickets for Kanka and train the team on how to handle things like calendar requests or questions about where to put deities and religions in a campaign.

There you have it, that’s what we’ll be focusing on!

In case you missed our latest release, you can read it here. If you want to be a part of the community, join us on Discord!

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