1.43 – Theme builder, PayPal payments, gallery image focus

We’re back with a big quality of life update, namely a huge change to Kanka’s CSS to allow an easy campaign theme builder, PayPal payments for subscriptions, as well as some runner up features from the community vote.

Custom campaign theme builder

We’re updating a lot, and I mean a lot of Kanka’s CSS with this update. We know this has the potential to break a lot of theme from the marketplace and people’s own campaign css, but we’ve made efforts to disrupt existing themes as little as possible.

However, all of this change, which might seem minimal at first, means that premium campaigns now have an easy theme builder.

theme builder interface

To access the new theme builder, go to World > Theming > click New Style, and in the new theme interface, click on Take me to the theme builder.

theme builder link

From there, you can click on the various colour boxes to change the colours of the campaign. Each colour has an opposing contrasting colour created on the fly for rendering text.

theme builder colour picker

Scrolling down, a Preview section displays various elements of Kanka’s UI to see how the colours look. When you’re happy, you can hit Save and enjoy the campaign’s theme!

theme builder preview

We’ve documented more about the theme builder and Kanka’s new CSS in our documentation.

PayPal for yearly subs

It took a while, but it’s now possible to subscribe to Kanka directly with PayPal. Previously, we required people to send us an email and do the process manually. We’ve been testing bypassing our manual work for a few weeks to iron out any issues, and can now confirm that it all works.

paypal yearly sub

Due to high PayPal fees, we only support yearly subs with PayPal. Both USD and EUR billing is possible. Yearly subscriptions with PayPal don’t auto-renew.

paypal monthly

Setting the focus on gallery images

Runner up for the spring 23 community vote was improving the gallery. One of the biggest problems with the gallery was it now being able to set a focus on images. This is no longer the case!

The focus on images can now be set by clicking on the “set focus point” button when viewing an image in the gallery.

gallery focus

Also, whenever a gallery image is added to the entry of an entity or a post using the text editor’s gallery image selector, the image is tracked back to the gallery.

gallery mention

Anyone can be a quest instigator

Previously, only characters could be quest instigators. Once a year, we’d get someone requesting to open up organisations or other entity types as being quest investigators. Due to the low demand, this feature eventually got moved to our “rejected” list.

But this month, many community members showed interest on the Kanka Discord, and who are we to question our amazing community? So from now on, even a tag can be a quest instigator!

quest instigator

Character sheets on the dashboard

When setting up an entity preview widget on your dashboards, it’s now possible to have their character sheet render directly! A new Display dropdown replaces the previous checkbox to display the full entity.

dashboard widget attributes

On the topic of attributes, when creating or modifying an attribute template, the “auto apply” dropdown list now uses the custom module names and orders them alphabetically.

Expanding advanced security for all

After 6 months of testing two-factor authentication (TFA) with our subscribers, we’re now allowing all accounts, regardless of being subscribers or not, to enable TFA on their accounts.

We’re also now allowing the person who created a campaign to remove other users from the campaign’s admin role. This only works for campaigns that are less than a year old, as we didn’t track this information previously.

Family trees V2

We’re adding a few quality of life improvements to family trees.

When adding a relation, you can now check “unknown” if the relation is unknown.

Relations can now have a colour, a css class for customisation, and more importantly a visibility option to avoid your players from seeing secrets.

General improvements to Kanka

On a map’s explore page, the quick creator button is now available.

Aliases can now be pinned to the entity’s profile.

Quick links can now point to an entity’s attributes subpage. The entity type dropdown now uses the custom module names.

Reminders can be moved to other entities.

When landing on a permission denied page, a link to each of your campaigns is now visible.

On the marketplace charactersheets, the $abilities variables has been renamed to $_abilities to avoid conflicts.

API improvements

The /posts endpoints now include custom permissions.

We’re also adding a new campaigns/{id}/roles endpoint which exposes the various roles and their ids through the API.

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