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1.41 New list design – Release

We are thrilled to announce the latest release of Kanka, which features exciting new grid list design. This new design was based on feedback from our community. We have also implemented several updates that will enhance your user experience and improve your productivity. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new.

New list design based on community surveys

We have been collecting feedback from our community about how they navigate inside of campaigns, and we have used this information to create new designs that will make it easier for you to visually explore a campaign. We are introducing a new default grid layout to entities that focus on the most important elements. These new grids are more visually appealing and easier to read.

new grid list design locations

This new list design always displays elements in a “stacked” manner, which we call “nested” in the old design. An element with a stack, meaning it has elements underneath it, will display cards underneath it.

The old table view is still accessibly by switching the display mode at the top right.

grid list design toggle

If you wish to use the old lists by default, you can change your appearance settings to the table view.

grid list design switch

General improvements

An entity’s mentions is now a subpage

The “mentioned in” block at the end of an entity’s overview page is now a subpage, along with some much needed with performance improvements and ordering on results!

mentions are now in a subpage

Disabled module warnings in the sidebar setup

We’re adding a new alert in the sidebar setup. If a module is disabled, it is now clearly displayed. This improvement will save you time and prevent frustration when customising or moving a module and not seeing it in the sidebar.

sidebar module alert

Sub-quest filtering

When viewing the sub-quests of a quest, you can now toggle between seeing all descendants or only their direct descendants.

quest subquest filtering

Advanced mentions can target more fields

When using the advanced mentions targeting a field, it is now possible to target a quest or journal’s calendar date, as well as a calendar’s current date.

Logout Redirecting to the Login Page

When logging out, a user now goes to the login screen instead of the home page. We’ve noticed that many users have multiple accounts to test permissions, and end up logging in and out of multiple accounts, rather than using the “view campaign as” feature built for this.

Marketplace improvements

When installing a theme in a campaign, it is now automatically enabled by default.

For those who still morn Google Reader, the marketplace now has two RSS feeds. The first one is a general feed for all new plugin versions, and the second is a feed to get the new plugin versions of just a single plugin.

When visiting the marketplace lists or a specific entity with a RSS compatible browser, your browser should notify you about those feeds.

Spring cleanup

Part of our latest roadmap is to focus on cleaning up old code inside of Kanka. With this update, we’ve made multiple technology changes.

  • Kanka now runs on Laravel 10, the latest version of the Laravel framework, bringing us better speed and security.
  • Fully integrated the TailwindCSS framwork into Kanka’s build process.
  • We’ve removed most of bootstrap for the account settings subpages, replacing most of the code with Tailwind. Part of our spring cleanup is to move away more and more boostrap content from the app.
  • For our build process, we now use Vite instead of Mix.

These changes should hopefully have little to no impact on users, but make the lives of our team easier.

Bug fixing

The “filter to direct descendants” button on a race’s sub-races now works.

It is now possible to correctly upload multiple files at a time in the campaign gallery. An alert will also pop up if too many files are being sent, rather than silently fail.

The entity creator interface now has tooltips to tell you what each button does.

qq button tooltip

The entity creator interface now also properly grants permissions to non-admins that are part of multiple roles when creating entities.

Maps no longer hover above the profile sidebar.

When duplicating a dashboard, widgets tags no longer disappear.

Fixed a bug that prevented superboosting some campaigns.

The “load more” button on an entity’s posts now shows an alert to unlogged users, instead of a button that does nothing.

Fixed a bug on dashboard widgets showing subscriber default icons for non-subscribers.

A character with a birth on one calendar and death on another no longer shows “foundation” in the profile sidebar.

Fixed a bug for accounts with Two Factor Authentication not being able to cancel a login without closing the browser.

The marketplace no longer complains about {{ $variable - 1 }} as a variable name with a space and – sign.

Fixed a bug when a subscription is cancelled where a campaign could be stuck in a limbo state, preventing another user from boosting it.

To recap, our latest Kanka release introduces exciting new designs for lists based on feedback from our community. We have also implemented several updates that will enhance your user experience. We hope you enjoy these new features and look forward to your continued feedback as we work to improve our worldbuilding and TTRPG tools even further.

As always, a huge thanks to our subscribers for making these huge updates possible, and don’t forget to come join us on our Discord!

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