1.39.2 Better onboarding and posts

Dear Kanka users, while we are still working on family trees as part of our roadmap for Q1 2023, we’re here today with a smaller update, mostly fixing lots of annoying bugs.

New onboarding

We’re working on improving the onboarding experience for new users. With this goal in mind, we’re adding a new “Welcome” dashboard widget that gets created to every user’s first campaign. This includes tips and tricks for Kanka, and useful links to our docs and where to find help.

onboarding widget preview

As part of the improved onboarding process, we’ve also re-done our welcome emails to also bring their content up to date.

Additionally, new users will only have notifications for news posted after they join Kanka. This is to avoid overwhelming them with un-actionable info.


Actions on posts like creating, updating and reordering now appear in the entity’s logs, and the campaign’s history page. These logs don’t currently include the previous values like for entity logs, but it is something we are investigating for a future update.

campaign history with posts

Posts on boosted campaigns now also get a new “CSS class” field like on widgets. The “Collapsed” checkbox has been replaced with a dropdown menu to better explain both states.

post fields

Attribute mentions now accept a fallback value like mentions to. Writing {attribute:123|My fallback value} will display My fallback value if the attribute can’t be loaded due to permissions.

When bulk editing tags, you can now edit the hidden from header and tooltip value.

An alert is shown when leaving the entity’s entry field edit interface with unsaved changes.

When deleting a campaign, the confirmation field in the popup is now automatically in focus.

Bug fixes

It is no longer possible to go over the 10 member limit cap on unboosted campaigns with the campaign application system. Sorry not sorry 😉

Mentioning an entity with @ that contains an accented character will no longer transform the mention into an advanced mention.

Uploading an image to the gallery in a post or quest element no longer warns about the campaign not being superboosted.

When updating an entity, the show hidden attributes button on the attributes page is now visible when there are hidden attributes.

Filtering by tags works again.

Several javascript issues were fixed when a map is loaded as a dashboard widget. When exploring a map, the default thumbnails for imageless entities now also properly load, speeding up the page load speed. Entering the edit mode on a map’s explore page no longer opens the new marker popup before clicking on the map.

Updating a map’s unique map layer no longer increments it’s position field.

Banned users login in no longer created a campaign on each failed login attempt.

Code cleanup

Removed several hundred old css rules that were no longer used in the app. Moved several hundred more to tailwind. This can cause some small issues with custom themes and marketplace themes.

That’s it for this small update! If all goes well, our next update should include family trees, a new search, and more amazing features. In the mean time, come join us on Discord to follow along with sneak peaks.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

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  1. Hello! Recently the “compact” option on tables seems to no longer be working, is it a known issue?
    Thank you!

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