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1.32 – Foundation birthdays, quick creator posts, and other changes

Dear Kanka users, today we are releasing a tonne of new features and improvements! More entities now support birthdays in the form of foundation dates. We will also be implementing some of the discussed changes to unboosted campaigns.

Birthdays for locations, families, and organisations

Ever wish you can set a birthday on a location to calculate how many years ago a city was founded? Well now you can. When adding a reminder between a location, family or organisation, you can select foundation as the reminder type. These foundation birthdays can now be celebrated over the centuries!

entity foundation birthdays

This then shows the foundation date in the entity’s profile sidebar, as well as how many years ago that was.

foundation profile

Read more about this feature in our Kanka docs.

Quick creator posts

The quick creator can now also add posts to entities. Say you’re busy worldbuilding and want to add a private post to an entity without having to leave the page. This is now possible.

quick creator posts

Relations explorer lite

A new only direct relations option is available in the relations explorer. This will only show relations between the current entity and other entities, but skip relations between those other entities. Useful for those big complex campaigns where everything is somehow related, and the default layout becomes unreadable.

relation explorer lite

Pinned files

Files under an entity’s assets tab can now be pinned! Such files are shown in the profile sidebar of an entity’s overview.

pinned file

Map ruler

Courtesy of Chase Colman, maps now have a ruler tool. When editing a map, you can now set a distance label and measurement in the settings tab.

map ruler

When exploring a map, if those fields are provided, a new icon appears in the top-right. This allows you to click between points to calculate the distance.

map ruler distance

Update: this third party plugin was removed for simply not working.

Changes to the free tier and unboosted campaigns

Starting today, all new unboosted campaigns will have the new following limits.

  • A maximum of 10 members in the campaign
  • Limit to only a single “player” role
  • A maximum of 3 quick links in the sidebar

This only affects new campaigns created as of today. Existing campaigns are exempt from these limits until the 1st of November 2022. To boost a campaign, you need campaign boosters.

General improvements to Kanka

When copying an entity, a new option is available in the copy options tab. Active by default, this option will parse the entity’s entry and posts and replace attribute mentions to those of the new entity’s attributes.

You can now bulk add characters to organisations. This field is available in the character bulk edit interface.

When viewing an ability, it’s sub abilities are visible on the overview page, below the entry and posts.

Quest elements now have the save & new and save and edit actions.

When viewing the permissions modal of an entity, a new “View as” button is shown. Clicking it will reload the entity as the selected user to test permissions.

Entity links now have an option to trust a domain. Trusting a domain is valid for 30 days, and only valid for the current browser.

Bug fixes

The max value of a calendar dates year for journals and quests is now 2’147’483’647 instead year 32’767.

It is now possible to use multiple exclusionary type values, for example !NPC;!Barber.

Fixed a bug in content packs with characters with races causing issues.

Calendar dashboard would sometimes wrongly calculate the date of the next events.

Fixed visual issues with Firefox when collapsing posts on entities.

The permission engine had a bug where denying the view permissions of an entity to a user could in very rare occasions deny them read access to other entities as well.

Disabling the notes module from the campaign modules now properly hides the module in the sidebar.

That’s it for this update! If you missed the previous one, you can read it here.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

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