Kanka 1.31

1.31 – Easier to read advanced mentions and our first hire!

Dear users, we’re excited to share with you our latest release! Introducing advanced mentions, winner of the previous community vote, and as always, many overall improvements. This update also includes many improvements developed by our first hire and junior developer – Itzamná!

Advanced mentions are now easier to read

Winner of the latest community vote, advanced mentions are now easier to read in the default text editor. When editing an entry with such mentions, the target name is shown if the user has access to said entity.

advanced mentions

This works in the entity’s entry field, in posts, and in the campaign description.

On the topic of mentions, they are now shown when you link to an entity with mentions in the preview test on Discord. In this example, Steve 1 previously displayed as [character:172].

advanced mentions parsed in preview

Set tags to automatically apply on new entities and mentions

Tags now have an option that automatically applies them to newly created entities or mentions. In a tag, check the “Automatically apply to new entities” option. Now, when creating a new entity through the form or quick creator, these tags will automatically populate the field. This also works for new entities being created with the [new:entity-type] syntax!

auto applying tags to new entities

Note that this doesn’t apply to entities created from a template.

Parent items for better organisation

A request that has come up a few times is for items to have a parent item, to be able to organise them neatly in your campaigns. This is now possible, with each items now having a parent item field.

parent item for items

General improvements to Kanka

The permission popup in an entity’s header now allows to quickly change the permission setting of an entity, and also quickly see who can access said entity.

privacy button
privacy popup

A new Date Range filter is now available for quests and journals and replaces the date filter. This allow to filter on the real world date. If only one field is provided, it acts like the old date filter and searches for exact matches.

date range filter

The bulk actions are now a single dropdown, as weekly questions in Discord have shown that only the first button is visible by users.

bulk actions dropdown

When bulk editing relations, it is now possible to push changes to the mirrored relations.

When viewing a quest, the calendar date is now visible in the profile section.

For our CSS wizards, tooltips now get a new global div around the tooltip with the target’s tags. For our same users, the campaign themes now support Save + Edit to save a theme and continue editing it. Lastly, maps now include a z-{x} property that indicates the zoom level.

A new “New child” option is available in the entity actions menu. This will automatically pre-select the parent field with the current entity.

New child option in entity actions menu

A success message is visible when copying filters to the clipboard.

Marketplace character sheet changes

Due to several security issues with character sheets from the marketplace, draft sheets now only render in a campaign for the author. This means that the character sheet has to be published for your members to also see it.

Subscription improvements

When downgrading from a Wyvern or Elemental plan to a lower plan (but not cancelling), you can now optionally tell us why. This helps us be making Kanka better and being more reactive to sentiment changes following updates.

If you have a cancelled subscription that is still in the grace period, the end date is now visible.

subscription grace end date period

API changes for assets and member management

Entity files, entity links and entity aliases have been merged into a single entity_assets model and endpoint. Please adapt your scripts to use the new endpoints documented in the API.

A new campaign/<id>/users endpoint provides information about campaign member roles and allows manipulation of their roles. This is also available in the API.

Deprecation notice

We’ve removed support for browsers that don’t support the webp image format. According to our stats, that’s less than 0.01% of our weekly users still using Internet Explorer.

In a user’s API settings, we’re removing the option to create a Client. This feature was never intended nor documented, and was only there because of the plugin we use to generate API tokens.

Refactoring of old code

Under the hood, Kanka’s code continues to receive massive improvements. Entity files, entity links and entity aliases are now a single model in the database. Attributes also have their type now represented as an integer rather than a string, allowing for faster performance in the code.

Bug fixes

Pinned attributes now properly display in the profile section of an entity’s overview.

It’s now possible to bulk edit journal’s authors.

The keyboard shortcuts no longer display on mobile.

Character sheets using the liveAttribute on attributes that aren’t numbers won’t display a broken dropdown anymore. The same liveAttribute support for checkboxes now displays correctly.

In the API, various validators now properly alert the user making a request, rather than crashing when a validation fails.

Pressing enter in the gallery’s search field now submits the search.

Journals and Quests that have a calendar date now can use a year bigger than 32767.

That’s it for this update! If you missed the previous one, you can read it here.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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