Kanka 1.29

1.29 – Single Player Kanka Battle Mode Clustering

On this fateful foggy spring night, we bring to you the latest version of Kanka. Featuring a new build system, a special ability to play out your first battle without killing monsters in your party as well as a whole revamped Kanka Mode. It’s an RPG-like style where you fight with your party as they explore and pick their own paths, battling against enemies together. Kanka Mode is playable at any time by playing as the main character. If you already joined a Kanka mode you may wish to continue playing as a different character, or enable clustering of enemies!


  • Easy to pick battle, single player
  • 2-player campaign
  • The best in fighting games
  • Free to do or play version of Kanka Mode

W… what?

Ignore that, I was just having fun with an AI that automatically writes text based on input. Sadly I can’t yet automate my job of writing these patch notes!

On a more serious note, we’re excited to release Kanka 1.29! This smaller update finishes our spring cleanup series and introduces mostly bug fixes.

New feature – marker clustering

Markers on maps will now cluster together. This clustering makes busy maps easier to explore, especially when zooming out!

map marker clustering when zoomed out
map clustering disabled when zoomed in

Update: this is now an optional field, activated by default on all maps. It can be disabled on the map update form.

map marker clustering option form


The campaign’s public role interface is a lot easier to use. A campaign can be set as public or private from this interface now.

campaign public role interface

Campaign exports now include aliases and links.

Campaign themes now have the “search” module installed from CodeMirror. This makes editing large custom themes a lot easier.

Deleting relations is now possible from the update form. This enables easy relation deletion from the visual relation explorer. The same has been added for map markers.

relation deletion from edit interface

The icon to show or hide the sidebar has been updated to be visually clearer.

On the items module, we’re renaming the character field to “creator” in English to avoid confusion.

The language switcher has seen improvements following user feedback, with our smaller communities once again available at the end of the interface.

language switcher

Lastly, it is now possible to display ranged attributes in marketplace character sheets. Find out how.

Marketplace – project Loki

As announced on our Discord, we’ve released a brand new marketplace design, which fixes many visual issues (especially with the dark mode). Recently updated plugins will now also be more visually distinct in the various interfaces, so you know if your favourite plugin is up to date.

Spring cleanup – phase IV

Most of the changes with this release concern code cleanup and the removal of technical debt.

  • Started removing dependencies on the old AdminLTE project.
  • Updated and removed a massive amounts of third party dependencies that weren’t used anymore.
  • Kanka’s source code now properly runs with Docker.
  • Many old and duplicate translations keys no longer exist.

Bug fixes

Reminders occurring on full moons appeared on non-full moons.

Some moon phases were missing at the beginning of long months.

In certain cases, calendars were missing some or all reminders.

On the dashboard, the calendar widget would sometimes skip “today’s” reminders.

Fixed a bug on pagination links breaking the deletion confirmation.

Deleting elements from page 2 or more of the new sublists is possible.

Fixed a bug that made it impossible to remove a character from an organisation.

Polygon map markers now correctly use their strike opacity and background opacity when rendering.

Fixed a bug that made it impossible to remove a supervisor of an organisation member.

Fixed a bug where changing an attribute’s pinned status wouldn’t update visually.

Copying an entity’s permission would show correctly in an entity’s permissions, but wouldn’t work for a user.

Fixed a bug where printing entities had the wrong page title.

Calendars can now have their parent calendar removed.

Fixed many links in the API docs.

2 Replies to “1.29 – Single Player Kanka Battle Mode Clustering”

  1. Is there a way to turn off the clustering or adjust at what zoom levels will occur? The campaign map we have was designed with the prior markup in mind and this totally destroys that, with no easy way to manually edit it.

  2. Can the marker clustering be disabled? I appreciate the new feature but I would like to choose which maps are affected, if possible.
    Thank you for all your hard work in Kanka!

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