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1.26 – Spring Cleaning and Server updates

Dear Kanka users, this update is our yearly spring cleaning update. We’ve updated and added new servers, updated the framework, removed old features, and made our lives going forward easier.

PHP version update

The first big spring cleaning task is migrating all of our servers to PHP8. This provides some speed improvement benefits, and means we can build more modern and optimised code.

Kanka framework version update

Behind the scenes, Kanka uses the Laravel framework. This update switches Kanka to the Laravel 8 version. We’ve updated the majority of our third party plugins. This fixes security issues and brings performance improvements. However, with Kanka’s complexity, this means some features might be a bit unstable. Rest assured, all of our energy and focus in the upcoming hours and days is to fix bugs as quickly as possible.

Spring cleanup means code cleanup

While updating all of the plugins and framework, we removed some old plugins that were no longer up to date. We’ve also removed Hebrew from Kanka’s languages, and once again thanks our amazing community member Beefpotato for having worked on the translation back in the day.

We’ve removed the translator call to action text in Kanka’s footer, as we’ll be refocusing efforts on our core markets in the upcoming months.

A feature that we’re axing with this release is the campaign invite email feature. You can still use the campaign invite link feature, as all of you already do.

We’re also moving the sourcecode on Github from being ilestis/miscellany to owlchester/kanka. The master branch is replaced with a main branch.

Some improvements

A Kanka update wouldn’t be one without at least a few improvements amongst all the spring cleanup.

Posts have a new “copy advanced mention with title” option, copying the post’s advanced mention to the clipboard with the post’s title already selected.

spring cleaning - post copy with name

When viewing an ability’s overview page, live editing is enabled on attributes.

spring cleaning - live attributes on abilities

Setting a quick link or timeline element’s icon field now validates to make sure you don’t input invalid HTML.

Bug fixes

And of course, everyone’s favourite, bug fixing.

The edit pencil on live attributes is visible even when the attribute has no value. The “Delete all attributes” button works again.

When setting a custom name set for quick links in the campaign sidebar setup, that user value is used.

The campaign export feature now includes timeline eras and timeline elements.

Exploring a map, links now have a colour to distinguish them from text.

That’s it for 1.26! If you missed 1.25, you can head over to the release notes.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

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