Kanka 1.22.1

1.22.1 – Journal authors, CodeMirror CSS editor, clearer boosted features

Dear Kanka users, we’re releasing a small update this time, focusing on improving existing features. Journal authors are no longer limited to just characters, and we’re implementing an improved CSS editor for boosted campaigns using CodeMirror.

General improvements

Concerning journals, a long standing request was for the author field to be expanded to allow non-character entities. With this new update, this is now possible! Your campaign’s organisations, families, locations, maps & others can now be authors.

Secondly, the CSS editor for boosted campaigns is now rendered with CodeMirror. This was the runner up of the last community vote.

campaign theming codemirror css

We’ve also improved the campaign update form. The sharing tab should be a lot clearer.

campaign edit form sharing

We’ve also incorporated the boosted features into the interface tab, making it clear what features are possible for boosted campaigns. We replaced the various checkboxes with dropdowns. This should clear a lot of confusion regarding what these features do.

campaign interface tab

Previously, creating a new account would greet you with a welcome interface, asking for your world’s name. This step no longer exists. Instead, a new user will automatically have a new campaign created for them.

Smaller improvements

In the various overview pages of entities, the “new post” button is now also available at the end of the page, to better indicate that adding posts are possible.

We updated the dice roller interface slightly to better follow the UI changes of Kanka of the past year.

A lot of cleanup happened in the app’s code again. We removed plenty of old bits of code that were no longer needed.

Bug fixes

Last release saw many long lasting bugs fixed. This update is no different.

We’re finally reactivating permanently deleting entities that have been deleted for longer than 30 days. Nearly two years ago, we deactivated that script following issues with data loss. Our changes in 1.22 show us that these issues are finally behind us. This will result in a faster app for everyone.

When viewing a calendar in the yearly view, the week names was sometimes wrong due to incorrectly counting the week number.

The colour picker should now always be editable on Firefox browsers.

That’s it for this update!

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