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1.22 – Better workflow, better UI, better everything

Dear Kanka users, get excited for another massive update. We’re improving the workflow of entities, better form UI, anchor advanced mentions, and so much more! This update is full of great improvements and new features.

Better workflow on entities

The first big update, and the winner of the latest community vote, is attaching the quick creator to entity forms. Previously, when creating or editing a character, the family field has a plus which prompted for a new family name. The plus is still there, but now calls the quick creator, allowing you access to more fields. This improved workflow will avoid a tedious back and forth when populating campaigns.

workflow improvement to the dropdown plus button
workflow improvements quick creator

The dropdown field will automatically have the new entity as its value.

Better entity forms

A larger text editing area is a request that comes up quite often. We also had a look at stats and realised that some fields weren’t used often but appeared high up on the forms. So we did what we do best, aka change something that worked but wasn’t great to something that works a lot better. This agains should improve your workflow when working on entities.

Let’s compare the old character form…

old character form with bad workflow of fields

… to the new one …

new character form with better workflow of fields

Fields have a better placement, and the text area uses the full width. The most used fields are one top, with the secondary ones below.

The same interface is available on all entities.

Advanced mentions with anchors

Advanced mentions [entity:123] now support a new property called anchor, allowing you to set the HTML anchor that the mention points at. For example, type [entity:123|anchor:note-12345], replacing note-12345 with the anchor you want to target.

Anchors can be set to any element of the page that possesses an “id” attribute. For example, <h1 id="important">Important section</h1>, the anchor is important. So a mention would look like [entity:123|anchor:important].

Many elements in Kanka have an id attribute. The most common example would be an anchor to a specific post of the entity’s overview page. You can get the post’s advanced mention with the new “copy advanced mention” option on the post.

post advanced mention workflow

General improvements

Adding an element to the timeline will now open in a full window rather than in a modal. This is to avoid issues with pressing escape and problems in general with the text editor in a small window. Elements also gain two new fields. One is to set the default collapsed state of the element, the other is if the linked entity’s entry should be displayed below the element’s entry.

timeline element display entity text and collapsed

Characters have the option to show the personality traits and appearances in the overview page. Rather than pinning individual traits, you can pin all appearances or all personality traits. The various traits will display below the entry block of the entity’s overview page.

characters pin traits
character pinned traits

Campaign admins can give access to campaign roles to manage the gallery of a superboosted campaign.

campaign role gallery permission

When filtering a list of entities, the reset button is available without having to open up the filters.

We’ve redesigned the dashboard widgets forms slightly to separate the setup of the widget and the advanced options available to boosted campaigns. We’ve also added a custom “CSS class” field to the widgets, for our CSS wizards.

The campaign’s theming interface now supports the Ctrl+s shortcut to save the form.

In the text editor, the “table of contents” button now injects the recently introduced {table-of-contents} shorthand instead of the old broken html injection.

The top search now supports ctrl+clicking to open the result in a new window. I’ve been wanting this feature for years 🙂

live search ctrl click support

Bug fixes

In some instances, characters could have the same race multiple times. This has been fixed in the code. If you experience characters with this issue, simply save them again, and the duplicate races will be removed. Removing all races from a character is also possible again.

We’ve finally fixed a pesky but that has been lurking for years. Previously, if you opened the quick creator while creating or editing an entity, the entity’s tags field broke. This no longer happens.

When using an OpenStreetMap on the maps module, the map groups were wrongly displaying as radiobuttons instead of checkboxes.

If a random entity dashboard widget selected a location with it’s image from the gallery, that image didn’t display.

The “all attributes private” on the attributes tab of an entity didn’t actually do anything since a few months.

Fixed several bugs with the API. Crashing /entities API calls should no longer happen, and 403 error codes are now displayed correctly instead of in HTML.

Adding or editing a timeline element with the legacy text editor caused the whole page to crash.

Fixed a bug in individual json exports where the page would crash.

In an entity’s connection table, maps have again the “explore” button.

When using the relations explorer on a character that is several times in an organisation, the roles lo longer show up three times.

relation explorer org member trippling

Finally, the infamous “cannot_move_node_into_itself” bug that has been plaguing Kanka for years has been fixed! No more of the following confusing error.

Instead, a user will be greeted with a proper error message. But if all goes according to plan, that error simply won’t show up anymore.

That’s it for 1.22! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it! If you missed 1.21, you can head over to the release notes.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

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  1. I have been lagging in GM’ing but want to get back into my game, reading up now on the changes.

    Thank you for all the work on this great tool!

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