1.21 Entity Aliases

1.21 – Set multiple aliases on entities and attribute filtered results

Dear Kanka users, get excited for entity aliases and attribute filtered results with this update! Both of these new features won the hearts of our subscribers during our January community vote.

Defining aliases for entities

Boosted campaigns now have the option to define one or several aliases to entities. This feature is available from an entity’s assets subpage. A new “+Alias” button allows a user to add aliases.

interface to manage an entity's aliases

Aliases can have permissions so you can control if your players know about an entity’s alias or not.

The alias feature allows you to find an entity in the global search in the top bar. This also works for mentions! If a mention is found based on an alias, it will inject an advanced mention linking to the alias with [entity:number|alias:number] format.

entity aliases mention
entity aliases advanced mention format

If a mention uses an alias that a member doesn’t have access to, the mention will use the entity’s name.

Please note that these new advanced mentions using aliases are only available when using the standard text editor of Kanka (summernote) and not the legacy one.

Attribute filtering of entities

The various entity lists of your campaigns have a new filter. This allows a user to search for entities with a specific attribute name, combined with a value.

For example, if you want to find all characters with an attribute called HP, put in HP as the attribute name, but with no attribute value.

attribute filter only name

If you want to find all characters that don’t have the HP attribute, search for the attribute name !HP and no attribute value.

attribute filter exclude an attribute

Please note that attributes won’t be “calculated” during the search. If a character’s HP is based on Level * 5, you can’t search for multiple of 5.

General improvements

When viewing a timeline, the individual timeline elements can be “collapsed” by clicking on the box header.

Maps can now use the real world instead of uploading an image. This feature is available thanks to OpenStreetMaps. When creating or editing a map, a new “Use OpenStreetMaps” is available in the “Settings” tab.

maps use real world data

We’ve updated the various Title attributes of pages in Kanka to be faster to analyse when looking at your open tabs.

For our CSS Wizards, we’ve added a few classes throughout the app. In the list of entities, a new data-entity-type and data-type field help you target results better, for example styling all your locations that have the type blacksmith. In the list of tag children, relations, connections, organisation members & item inventories, the data-entity-id and data-entity-type fields were added.

For our screen reader and reduced mobility users, the first “tab” input on the page allows you to skip directly to the content of a page. The second tab is now the global search field.


The docs incorrectly stated that tokens were valid for 100 years instead of 1 year. The docs now show the correct information, and we’ve added a warning to never ever share your private tokens with others.

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug with map marker’s entity field not being selectable on Firefox. The “icon” dropdown values were also reworded to better reflect what they do.

An organisation’s member leader field can now be removed.

A character’s various races will properly display on the profile page.

When editing a relation in the relation explorer, the window’s title was wrong.

In the campaign’s relations manager, updating the “owner” field did nothing.

Superboosted campaigns can now use the image gallery uploader on quest elements.

An old annoying bug is no more. If your last campaign no longer exists, going to kanka could result in a 500 server error.

Finally fixed an issue with the “mentioned in” box below an entity counting results the user didn t have access to.

In an entity’s connection table, maps have again the “explore” button.

That’s it for 1.21! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it! If you missed 1.20, you can head over to the release notes.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

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