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Kanka 1.20 – Multiple races for characters, gallery permissions, new copy options

Dear Kanka users, let’s start 2022 with a big release! Characters can now have multiple races, members of an organisation can have a direct superior, entries can have a dynamic table of contents, and so much more.

Multiple races for characters

Our first big change of the year is allowing characters to have multiple races. Until now, it was only possible to set a single one.

multiple races

This change sadly removes the ability to order the list of characters by race, but filters still work.

Gallery permissions

Gallery images in a superboosted campaign now have a visibility field. This allows you as an admin to better control who sees what images and folders in your campaign. This finally allows setting images of entities as invisible to your players!

gallery image visibility

Dynamic table of contents (experimental)

The text editor allows injecting a table of contents, but it doesn’t update automatically and leads to frustration. To counter this, a new dynamic code can be injected in your entries. Simply adding {table-of-contents} in the entry will automatically generate one when the entity is loaded.

dynamic table of contents

This works for the entry field of an entity, as well as for individual posts.

Please note that this feature is experimental as we tweak it further. Once we feel comfortable with it, the button to insert a table of contents in the text editor will inject this dynamic code instead. This works for all levels of h1 to h6, and also works if you only use h4 and h5 headers.

Organisation member superior

Characters in an organisation can now have a superior. Please note that this field is only available when editing the member from the organisation’s interface, and not from the character’s form. This is a technical limitation due to the complexity of adding that field there.

org member leader

More copy options

We’ve added an option when copying an entity to copy the entity’s permissions. When creating a new entity with this option, it ignores any custom permissions set in the “permissions” tab.

Another improvement is when the “copy posts” option is active. If it is, new posts duplicate the permissions from the original posts.

General improvements

When viewing the list of entities of your campaign, a new “has attributes” filter was added. This allows you to quickly filter entities that have or don’t have attributes.

Added the type field when viewing a race’s subraces.

Campaigns can now set the default “collapsed” state of new posts. This field is available under the “interface” tab when editing the campaign. Changing this option doesn’t impact already existing posts.

The event’s events subpage can now order by the sub event date field. Please note that this field is a text field, so results will vary.

When you delete a campaign, a notification is now sent to the admins of the campaign.

To visually distinguish between the “self” and “self & admin” visibilities, the “self” icon was updated fa-user-secret.

Marketplace improvements

We’ve added a new interface when importing content from a marketplace content pack. Here you can define if you want all new entities to be private. It can also define if previously imported entities should be ignored.

marketplace import content pack settings

Marketplace attribute templates can now also use the following HTML elements: aside, sidebar, and section.

API improvements and security fixes

The campaign endpoints now include the boosted and superboosted fields. Also, public campaigns will no longer return a list of members if you don’t have access to that information.

Error handling has also been improved so that the HTML homepage response doesn’t appear as often.

Bug fixes

When viewing a quest, it’s “real world” date field is visible in the pins.

Map markers can have a custom size again.

It is possible again to boost a public campaign.

Fixed a bug in advanced permissions of posts where selecting a user or role wasn’t possible.

The Follow/Unfollow buttons of a public campaign are back.

That’s it for 1.20! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it! If you missed 1.19, head over to the release notes.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

2 Replies to “Kanka 1.20 – Multiple races for characters, gallery permissions, new copy options”

  1. Love this update! I run a World of Darkness game and have been using Kanka for it for a little over a year. The ability to have characters with more than one race is great. This will also be helpful with my 3.5 D&D campaigns.

    Thanks so much guys and keep up the great work!

  2. There seems to be an issue with the multiple race setting in that if you have a character who is just a member of 1 race, the profile doesn’t hide or combine the other possible race entries so that a character who is human is listed as human, human, human. This bug seems to affect some entries created after this update was made live.

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