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Kanka 1.18 – Bringing back profile information to the forefront

Dear Kanka users, you’ve been wanting this update for a long time and it’s finally here. Profile information is back on the entity’s story overview page! These changes are based on the feedback we got from our latest surveys of the community.

Profile information back in focus

Firstly, we’ve renamed the main view of an entity from story to overview, to remove some confusion for new users.

entity menu overview

Secondly, and most importantly, we’ve changed the right sidebar of an entity to include profile information again. An overwhelming majority of respondents wanted this information back to some degree. This information is now automatically shown if there is data for it.

For most entity types, it’s simply the type field. For characters, it’s race, family, age, gender, pronouns and type. The displayed age field is the one of the character’s field, not the age based on the calendar. This is because of the performance impact of calculating a character’s age. A character’s calendar ages, personality and appearance traits still appear in the Profile subpage. Another common feedback from the survey was to make the sidebar less in your face. We’ve accomplished this by removing the “box” styling around them. Lastly, a character’s title will now show in the header below the name.

character profile information sidebar
The new entity view

On the topic of the Profile subpage, we’ve removed it from all entity types except for characters.

Another massive change concerns Kanka not looking great on 4k screens. We fixed this by limiting both sidebars to be 200px wide, rather than 16% of the available space.

profile information new layout on 4k screen
The 4K view

We received the same feedback regarding the mobile view. Therefore, the submenu no longer displays on mobile, and is replaced with a dropdown menu to switch between pages. The character name also only displays a single line to avoid long names breaking the interface on small devices.

entity submenu on mobile
The entity’s submenu on mobile

These changes all impacted the HTML and CSS of each page pretty heavily, meaning that marketplace plugins will once again need some updating.

Clearer entity boosted features

Some entity features of boosted or superboosted campaigns aren’t obvious unless you go read the fine print, and up until now, the Boost tab was only shown to boosted campaigns. We’re changing it to always be visible when creating or editing an entity, with the individual fields hidden for non-boosted campaigns. Each field will now display and include a short description, indicating what it does if the campaign is boosted.

entity boost tab
The Boost tab shown on an unboosted campaign

Code cleanup and database optimisations

Another big change to Kanka, or to be more precise, a huge chunk of changes, are related to the database. From a technical standpoint, all the enum field types have been replaced with unsigned tiny integers. For the API, this means few PUT/PATCH requests will need to be redone. As an example, a character trait’s section is now a section_id. However, the APIs still return the old values as a string. This is to keep compatibility with the existing APIs.

This change impacts:
  • Campaign invites: type to type_id
  • User logs: action to action_id
  • Conversation: target to target_id
  • Campaign User: the role field has been dropped
  • Campaigns: visibility to visibility_id (1 for private, 3 for public)
  • Map points: size to size_id, shape to shape_id
  • Character traits: section to section_id

This rewrite doesn’t impact the entities.type field, which will be replaced in the near future.

I’ve also removed a lot (and I mean a lot of code) from the source code, and refactored another large chunk. This shouldn’t have any visible impact to users, but makes my life a lot easier for the future.

And of course, bug fixes!

The “How to set templates” helper text was changed to include up to date naming.

Entities mentioning themselves no longer show up in the entity’s mentions interface.

That’s it for 1.18! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it! If you missed 1.17, head over to the release notes.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

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