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Kanka 1.17 – A gift to the eyes

Dear Kanka users, we’re excited to release this latest version of Kanka. Jay lost many neurons with this one, but in exchange, creating themes will be substantially easier! But don’t worry, themes isn’t the only change coming with this release.

Themes overhaul

As explained above, we’ve reworked theming to the core. Gone are the days of trying to figure out how to change the hover effect of the navigation header. Gone are the days of fighting against the dark theme’s !important rules.

Long story short, we’ve added css variables to control how many elements look. You can see how the dark theme now only sets variables.

This also means we’ve completely reworked the dark and midnight themes! We feel like they finally look and feel like a core feature of Kanka, rather than some weekend project.

new dark themes look
new dark themes layout

For our CSS wizards, we’ve also included the theme (dark, midnight) in the body’s data as data-theme="dark". This allows you to combine your rules to target the various default themes differently.

What happened to the future theme?

We looked at who was using what themes, and saw that 0.009% of users and 0.002% of campaigns were using the future theme. To spare Jay losing his last brain cells working a whole week on the Future theme, we’ve decided to remove it altogether. However, with the changes to themes, we expect to see a marketplace plugin fill the gap very quickly!

Dashboard improvements

First of all, we’ve renamed the “recently modified” widget to “entity list”. To our surprise, many users in the Discord didn’t know about this widget!

dashboard widget new list

The “unmentioned” widget is now an advanced filter option in the entity list widget. Also added a new “mentionless” advanced filter option. This filters entities that don’t mention any other entity in their entry field.

entity list widget advanced filter

On the dashboard, the various announcements that appear at the top now display the Kanka icon rather than the team member’s avatar. This is to hopefully make it clearer that they are Kanka related announcements, and not campaign related announcements.

General improvements

Quest elements can now be entity-less, meaning they just need a name. When an element has both an entity and a name, the name will be displayed.

Timeline elements will show the element’s visibility as well as the linked entity’s “privacy” lock if it’s private.

The privacy button of entities now uses the campaign’s admin role name and links to it.

privacy button role name and link

The quick creator (the blue button at the bottom left of every page) interface has also seen a big upgrade. A lot of the underlying code has been simplified. Some entities have more fields, and the interface better adapts to larger screens. Characters can now set gender and age, and notes the parent note.

quick creator character screen

You can now sort by entity type in an entity’s related connections table.

The “random” quick link can now filter the potential entity based on tags. When no entity can be found, it shows an error message instead of a default “404 page not found”.

The campaign’s submenu now shows if a feature is only available for boosted campaigns. It also displays differently when on mobile.

campaign submenu boosted

We’ve also reworked most of the campaign management interfaces. Many of them had helper texts directly visible on the interface. They will still display when there is no information to show. A new help button, added in most interfaces, gives you easy access to the text.

help button

Lastly, the new relations manager is now available to all campaigns. Learn about this new feature from a previous release. The colour field is newly available in the bulk edit interface.

Bug fixes

Where to even start!

An oversight allowed HTML into attributes. While this was never intentional, we’ve decided to allow to some degree. The list of allowed elements is visible on the github.

While working on the dashboard widgets, we fixed the “next” button wrongly displaying on the entity list. Under the hood, we’ve also simplified the code for that button and feature.

Last release, we introduced the option to show an item’s entry as the inventory. What wasn’t possible however is to deselect that option.

When viewing an entity, its image is clickable again on mobile. Also, the full image will open the original image on our servers, not the optimised version.

During a few days, the Discord-Kanka sync wasn’t working.


We’ve removed all code related to the now defunct lookingforgm.com website.

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