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Kanka 1.16 – Bulk transform, edit warning, api filters & more

Dear users, this month Kanka is turning 4 and so we want to celebrate with a big update. We’re excited to release what seems like our biggest release to date! We’ve incorporate two items from the latest community vote, where our subscribers voted for what they want to see added to Kanka. Being able to bulk transform entities and an edit warning if multiple people are editing the same entity have been added. We’ve also reworked various workflows and interfaces, so buckle up!

Bulk transform entities

Ever had the case where you created five entities of a type, only to later need to change them all to another more fitting type? Me neither, but that’s because I hardly get to worldbuild 😭. However our latest community vote showed that this happens often enough to warrant a new way to bulk transform multiple entities at the same time.

With this release, you can now bulk transform entities, the same way you can bulk edit or bulk print them.

bulk transform entities to another type
bulk transform selection form

Edit warning when someone else is editing an entity

Runner up of the community vote was an alert in Kanka when you try and edit an entity that another user is currently already editing.

A “pulse” is sent to the server every five minutes while the edit page open. This notifies Kanka that you you are still working on editing the entity. When you leave the edit page without saving, the warning will disappear after a few minutes. You can of course ignore this warning.

Edit warning multiple people

API filters

For all our API users, we’ve finally added filters on the various endpoints. The available filters of each entity type are in the docs. For example, characters have name, type, tags[], created_by, updated_by and more fields.

The entities/ endpoint can also be filtered.

Notification overhaul

We’ve also reworked notifications! The popup now displays the whole text, rather than only a subset. If a notification hasn’t been read yet, a blue circle is displayed in front of it. A new “mark as read” button is also visible in the new popup, so you no longer need to open up the notifications page.

blue pill for unread

In the notifications page, you can now delete notifications you no longer need.

Campaign CSS Theming

For our boosted campaigns, the campaign css field is no longer a single file but can be multiple blocks. When navigating to the campaign overview (sidebar “World” or “Campaign” link), towards the bottom of the submenu is a new “Theming” link. Exiting CSS has automatically moved to this new section. Blocks can be disabled to quickly test out what is causing an issue in your CSS rules.

css styling for boosted campaigns

Unboosted campaigns will now also see this menu, to better inform users about this boosted feature.

Entity header & breadcrumbs

As part of our ongoing redesign of entities, the breadcrumbs now display above the name, and remove a lot of redundancies.

entity header breadcrumb

We’ve also reworked various subpages of entities to be more consistent with the placement of edit and delete buttons. Some of the helper texts on those subpages no longer display if there is content.

Inventory tweaks

The inventory module of entities has also received some love. The UI has been slightly tweaked to better work across all devices and window sizes. An item in the inventory can now also display the linked item’s description instead of the short ‘description’ field.

Inventory item entry instead of description

General improvements to Kanka

The campaign switcher in the sidebar now closes when you click outside of it, avoiding tedious clicks.

Dead characters get a new body class character-dead, and completed quests get quest-completed.

Timeline eras now have a new “collapsed by default” option, to have their elements hidden on page load. We’ve also added a “copy elements” option when copying a timeline. As with eras, this option is on by default.

From the profile and account settings section of Kanka, the campaign switcher now also includes a “new campaign” option. This required a fair amount of code change to enable.

When creating or editing a campaign, the “save” button has a few more options, including a shortcut to “save + edit”.

The nested locations list no longer displays the parent location field, as it is redundant. The parent entity was removed from other nested views.

Bug fixes

No release of Kanka is complete without a few bug fixes.

First, the community event page doesn’t crash anymore if an entry doesn’t exist anymore.

Secondly, for our API users, the returned paginated links now properly use https in the curl.

On tablet devices, the entity’s image no longer disappears. Thanks to our community member Salvatos, we’ve also fixed a few issues in the CSS when resizing the window and some elements jumping at different sizes.

Fixed a bug where copying a quest or journal attached to a calendar caused an error if the user doesn’t have permission to view the calendar.

Refactored large parts of the nested system to avoid the bug where sometimes entities would disappear.

When an entity is created or deleted, the list will properly load on the nested views if the campaign is set that way.

Fixed a bug in the API where it wasn’t possible to delete a calendar.

Lastly, the quest element object no longer has the description field as required.

That’s it for 1.16! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it! If you missed 1.15, head over to the release notes.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

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