Kanka 1.15 - Relations management

Kanka 1.15 – Relations management, @ mentions in attributes, marketplace improvements

Dear users, we’re excited to release not one, not two but three new big features! Our biggest new feature is a relations management interface for campaigns. These changes are thanks to our latest community vote, where our subscribers voted for what they want to see added to Kanka.

Campaign relations management

Our first new release is an interface to see and manage all relations of a campaign. This feature is currently in early access to boosted campaigns. To access it, scroll down in the left sidebar and click on “Relations”.

campaign relations management link in the sidebar

This new interface is only accessible to the admins of a campaign, and allows you to see and manage all the relations of the campaign.

campaign relations management interface

@ mentions in attributes

A long requested feature is to be able to use the @ mention system in attributes, rather than using the clunky advanced mentions. This is now possible, but acts a bit differently from mentions in text. Mentions will still be inserted as an advanced mention, but this speeds up the process tremendously.

@ mention engine in attributes

This feature is available both for standard and multiline attributes.

Marketplace content pack posts

The last big new feature is the ability to add posts to entities on the marketplace content packs. Mentions work in post!

marketplace content pack entity posts


The timeline era and element forms can no longer be closed by clicking outside of the form window, to avoid issues with lost changes. The “x” close button at the top of the interface still works to close the modal.

When bulk editing entities, if one or several of the selected entities couldn’t be updated, the success message will now show “Updated x/y entities”.

The random dashboard widget now also has the option to show pinned relations and attributes.

We are adding a new API endpoint to upload and remove an image from an entity.

Bug fixes

In the relation explorer interface, an entity’s children will now display. For example a location’s direct child locations.

In the related table interface, a map’s child maps and parent map will now display.

Fixed a bug where editing the source code of the campaign header text saved the content to the campaign’s description instead.

A map’s groups will no longer sometimes display in the wrong order.

Fixed a bug where the preview widget on the dashboard wouldn’t display pinned relations.

That’s it for 1.15! If you missed 1.14, head over to the release notes.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

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