Printing entities

Kanka 1.14 – Printing Entities Finally Looks Good

Dear users, we’re excited to release big changes to printing entities. This change is thanks to our latest community event, where our subscribers voted for what they want to see added to Kanka.

Printing Entities

We’ve removed the ugly PDF exports and replaced them with a print page. This fixes several issues with the old system, like not having icons in the PDF exports, and larger exports crashing. With all major browsers having support for printing to PDF, we can generate the page with HTML, including custom CSS for boosted campaigns, and make everything look a lot better!

printing entities entity action menu

Other improvements to Kanka

In your user layout settings, you can now set how you want the campaign switcher to order the list of campaigns.

The position field on quick links has been removed, and replaced with “reorder” interface. This new interface is reachable from the list of quick links. We’ve also removed the cog icon from the sidebar, and made the whole sidebar element clickable.

new reorder quick links interface

The header dashboard widget is now linkable to an entity, and clicking on the header will bring you to that entity.

The default latitude and longitude of maps can now have decimal points. We’ve also switched the two fields around to be the same as on map markers.

Transforming an entity redirects to the entity, instead of on the list of entities of it’s new type.

API updates

When updating an entity through the Kanka API, you no longer need to send all the required field again if they haven’t changed.

The relations/ endpoint now also returns a sync value.

Bug fixes

We’re releasing a lot of bug fixes with this release!

Fixed a bug with copying a journal or quest that has a calendar date. It wasn’t possible to remove the calendar date if the campaign has a single calendar.

Importing content packs from the marketplace didn’t copy the images.

Thanks to our community’s amazing Salvatos, the Summernote editor is less annoying. When changing content in source mode, those changes are no longer lost if you hit save.

Quest Elements now properly save the info on who created the element. This fixes issues with the self+admin permissions. This fix isn’t retroactive.

When a character is being edited, removing all the organisations now correctly removes them.

The collapse/expand all posts button on an entity’s story mode works again.

That’s it for 1.14! If you missed 1.13, head over to the release notes.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

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