Kanka 1.13 post role permissions

Kanka 1.13 – Post role permissions (previously entity notes)

Dear Kanka users, we are as always excited to be releasing a new update! This update covers the runner up of the last community vote, as well as some improvements to some interfaces and available information to new users. We’re renaming entity notes to posts, and adding post role permissions.

Renaming entity notes to posts

The terminology for entity notes has always caused some level of confusion to new and old users, and today we’re renaming them into posts. We hope that this terminology will better help people understand what they do, and better separate them as a concept from the Notes module.

Post role permissions

We’ve redesigned the post interface and moved permissions to a secondary tab. This makes the interface clearer and allows us to add roles as a permission option for them.

post role permissions

We’ve also added a Location field on posts, as well as the created at and updated at information at the bottom of a post. No more guessing if something was recently changed or not.

post location and timestamps

Campaign UI Settings

We’re introducing two new settings for campaigns. Being able to define the campaign’s interfaces as nested by default has long been a popular request, and is now possible. Second, following the new connections page introduced with 1.12, boosted campaigns can set the connections page to open the tables instead of the relation explorer.

We’ve also changed the campaign roles page. The list of roles’ action buttons was replaced with a dropdown and text to better indicate what each action does. We’re also adding a new helper page on the manage role permissions page that describes what each permission actually does. Notice to the right the “Need help” button.

campaign role help button

Quick Link get some love too

Quick links can now default to the nested view. Clicking on a quick link will also automatically highlight the active element in the sidebar to it. This isn’t the case for the random entity quick link.

Other improvements

An entity’s tags will be added to the body classes as both kanka-tag-{id} and kanka-tag-{tag name slug}. This allows boosted campaigns to customise an entity’s view based on the tags it has.

Non-admin members of a campaign can now use entity templates. If a user can create entities of that type, the dropdown will populate with entities the user can view.

The superboosted campaign gallery now includes the name of the images in the list.

The newsletter subscription interface now includes text that explains what each option does and how frequently you can expect each one.

In the account boost interface, a helper text was added to explain how to get more boosters.

Bug fixes

It is no longer possible to change your account email with something that isn’t a valid email.

Fixed a bug with images uploaded by url loosing their image extension.

The similar entity name warning no longer triggers when the entity name contained a ‘&’.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

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