Kanka 1.12 relation explore modes

Kanka 1.12 – Relation explorer modes, better mentions & knowledge base

Dear Kanka users, please welcome our first update of July 2021! This update focuses on relation explorer modes. This new feature won our latest community vote. We’ve also included improvements to mentions with this update.

New features – Relation explorer modes

Boosted campaigns have access to a relation explorer, a tool to visually see the relations of an entity and other related elements. With this update, we’re introducing three modes to the tool to better control what you see.

relation explorer mode options

The first mode is “relations” and will purely focus on relations set up on the entity. This mode will display less information from the old relation explorer.

The second mode is “relations + related”. This mode shows relations as well as any related elements. This expands from the old default mode of the tool, to show also related elements like items in a location, quest elements of an entity, and more.

The last mode is “relations + related + mentions”. This mode shows mentions in addition to what the previous mode would display. With this mode, you can fully see how an entity impacts the world.

Improvements – Connections

We’ve renamed the old “relations” submenu to “connections” and will display both relations and related elements. The new table replaces the many subpages of entities to display things like a location’s journals, a character’s items (not the inventory feature), an entity’s quests, and more.

By default, clicking on connections on a nonboosted campaign will open these two new lists, while it will display the relation explorer on boosted campaigns. You can toggle from one list to another at any time using the header actions.

relation explorer mode toggle

Lastly, the relations table now displays the entity’s location, if it has one.

General improvements to Kanka

Entity preview dashboard widgets have a new option for boosted campaigns to show pinned relations. This option is available next to the existing “show pinned attributes” and “show members” fields. Relations displayed on the dashboard are wrapped around a widget-advanced-relations div element. We’ve also added a confirmation button on the widget delete form.

widget pinned relations and new delete

When copying an entity, the option to copy entity notes is active by default.

We’ve reworked several forms like timeline elements to avoid submitting a new element several times.

We didn’t forget the gallery with this update either. The “used in x entities” now also counts entity headers. We’ve also tweaked the folder field to keep the hierarchy to avoid confusion when multiple folders have the same name.

gallery folder dropdown hierarchy

Added the parent race and parent family on a character’s profile page.

A location’s event subpage now displays the event’s date.

We’ve improved filterable lists like location characters or tag entities. When clicking on the “filter” button, the page focuses directly on the list, rather than having to scroll. The same applies to the pagination links.

lists with filter button

An ability’s attributes are now visible on the main story page, as it was the case before the new design.

When saving a map marker and selecting the “save & explore” option, the map will be opened centred on the map marker.

Whitelisted Google calendar embed codes, allowing you to embed them in your entries.

When impersonating a user of the campaign, the “switch to my user” button will also appear in the warning on the top of the page.

Mention improvements

Mentions have a new data-entity-tags attribute that contains the ids and names of tags as a property. This allows a boosted campaign to set different styling on mentions based on the entity’s tags.

Mentions can now also use a field of the entity as the mention’s display text. For example, if you want the mention to display the character’s title, use [character:123|field:title].

Last but not least, Kanka is now available in Galician thanks to our amazing community member Daenvil!

No big bug fixes this time

For once, this update doesn’t have many bug fixes. While this was true during development of 1.12, the community shared a sneaky bug with us. When bulk setting entities to private, entities would appear as private when viewing them, but still appear on the dashboard’s recently modified widget to users when they shouldn’t. The same issue appeared a tag’s entities interface. We fixed the issue for the bulk editor, and ran a script to fix existing entities that were in a weird privacy state.

We’ve fixed a few spelling mistakes and some weird wording in new features from 1.11.

The redesign removed the members control from conversations. This button has returned!

Entity links won’t display anymore on campaigns which aren’t boosted.

Knowledge Base

In order to continue making Kanka friendlier for beginners, we are also introducing our brand new Knowledge Base. This is an expanded FAQ of sorts, which will cover a wider range of topics and questions, and we hope will become the first stop for any of our users requiring help.

We regularly get asked if Kanka has any documentation that would help explain how to use various features, and we hope that this will help bridge that gap. We still recommend that our users head over to Discord for any complex questions, but we aim to cover the basics. Keep in mind it will be expanded over time, so if you feel like anything should be added, just let us know.

Marketplace content packs

We are currently working on providing more content packs on the marketplace. Our first release is a content pack for new worldbuilders. It contains locations and NPCs based on Jay’s Thaelia world.

That’s it for 1.12. Our next update will focus on the runner up of the latest community vote, namely permissions for roles on entity notes. We’ll also add features from our monthly roadmap.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

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