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Kanka 1.11 – Entity image focus point

Dear users, we’re proud to release the latest version of Kanka. This update expands on changes introduced in version 1.10. The main new feature of this update is a way for boosted campaigns to set the focus point of images.

New Feature – Entity image focus point

With the previous release, we introduced a new facial detection for all entity images. We’ve been incredibly happy with the feedback, but knew that it would never be a perfect solution. The new interface can be accessed by clicking on the entity’s image and requires a boosted campaign.

image focus point dropdown

Clicking on the image brings up a new action menu. We’ve added a new “Replace image” interface for when you just need to replace an entity’s image.

The last option is to change the focus point of the entity’s image.

kanka image focus interface

Clicking on the image will set the focus point. To place a new focus point, click on a new area of the image. Clicking on the focus point will remove it, activating facial recognition. An entity’s focus point is removed when a new image is used. This feature is currently only available for entity images, and we plan to add it to the campaign gallery in the future.


The campaign’s main page now displays a warning when the campaign is public, but the public role can’t view anything.

campaign public no permissions warning

A quest’s parent field can now be set in the quests bulk edit interface.

When saving an entity, the name field will automatically remove any empty spaces at the beginning or end of the name.

With the previous update, the quest interface no longer had access to subquests. We’ve added this interface back in the quest’s story page.

Bug fixes

The dashboard setup interface will now correctly uses an entity’s image as background if it’s from the gallery.

Fixed a bug with image uploading through URL where some images resulted in an invalid image.

Creating a family with members and an image will no longer replace the member’s images.

Fixed some layout issues with lists and very large interfaces.

We’ve fixed several bugs with the new entity headers based on feedback.

  • Fixed several layout issues on mobile and entities with long names.
  • Added an “edit” button at the top of the entity’s actions menu.
  • The Profile subpage will now always appear at the top of the second block.
  • Tag tooltip images no longer distort.
  • Maps and calendars submenu had old and new elements.

That’s it for 1.11. Our next update will continue improving the new designs, and probably the winner of the ongoing community vote!

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

3 Replies to “Kanka 1.11 – Entity image focus point”

  1. I find it annoying that to do such a simple thing as choosing a focus point on an image is locked behind a paywall.

    1. Seriously. The images worked better in the past, the update made things worse, and now the solution is, essentially, “pay us so you can manually unbreak your images”. Everything about this is a failure. Just bring back the rectangular images. There wasn’t a problem until the attempt to “fix” what wasn’t broken to begin with.

    2. Do you find it annoying that someone spends a massive amount of time creating something and releases the core of their hard work for free to use and download? You should consider something other than your gratification sometimes.

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