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Kanka 1.10 – Project Freyja New Entity View

Dear Kanka users, we are proud to finally release some of the first redesign changes we’ve been showing off in our monthly Q&A livestreams for the past two months! This is a continuation on Project Freyja that aims to redesign the app to be more modern and clean, vastly improving the entity view!

New Entity View

Entities have a brand new default view. These changes are based on user feedback and how features were being used. Our fantastic community member Rick has been helping us every step of the way, from figuring out how features are being used, which ones are causing confusion, and what need to be redone.

The biggest change is the entity view. A new “story” page is now the focus point of an entity. This is the entry and all entity notes on the entity. We’ve removed the concept of pinned entity notes, as they are now always visible on the story page.

kanka new entity view

Pinned relations and attributes, as well as entity links (a boosted campaign feature) display on the right of the story page.

What happened to the old fields on the left of the entity view?

Every entity has a new profile page. This page includes fields like type and others which were previously visible but mostly used for filtering. For characters, this new page includes all the personality and physical traits.

What about the reminders, entity notes and attributes tabs?

Reminders and attributes now have their own subpage. Entity notes now always display below the entry field.

How can I edit an entity? I don’t see the edit button at the top?

In the entity’s menu, clicking on the pencil next to “profile” will bring you to the entity’s edit form.

kanka entity view submenu

Where did entity files and entity links go?

Every entity has a new subpage called “Assets”. As a result, use this is a new singular interface to manage both files and links (a boosted campaign feature).

Where did feature XYZ go?

Some features have disappeared due to the new interface. These will either be reworked into Kanka in the upcoming patches, or have been removed due to lack of usage. We plan to continue working on and improving the new views in the coming months, based on your feedback. If you are particularly passionate about something that has been changed or remove, please make your voice heard! We’re here to listen and to incorporate your feedback.

Other big improvements

Another big change is that we have deployed a new facial detection system for thumbnails. This feature works best for human looking creatures, and less so on dragons and bugbears. We will slowly enable this feature automatically for all entities in the upcoming weeks.

In an entity’s actions menu, we’ve replaced the “copy to campaign” and “move or transform”. Instead, you now have “transform” and “copy or move” actions with a clearer interface for both.

kanka move interface
kanka transform interface

General improvements

Maps received a new option to center on a marker instead of coordinates. This works for the explore, view, and dashboard widget views.

We’ve added a new interface for campaign admins to quickly add or remove roles from members.

kanka members quick roles

Conversations have a new option to set them as “closed”. This makes it so that no new message can be sent in them.

We’ve added a new API resource for managing entity templates of the campaign. Find out more here.

The `word-break` property was added to the css whitelisting.

Bug fixes

Editing reminders would always select the “monthly” recurring option.

The twice a day app freezes occurring during backups has been fixed.

Fixed a bug in the marketplace copy version workflow for themes with css and descriptions.

Map labels with special characters would cause the map to not load properly.

The basic themes didn’t play nice with superboosted galleries.

That’s it for 1.10 and our first release of the new entity view!

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

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