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Kanka 1.9 – Calendars, Reminders, Moon stuff, Content Packs

Dear Kanka users, we are proud to be releasing the first update of May 2021. This update includes the winner of the latest community vote and current focus of our roadmap. Calendars once again get an update for all of our users, with a focus on reminders!

New features for calendars

We are adding two big features to Kanka with this release. The first is the ability to set a visibility option on reminders. This works the same way as for relations and items. Reminders can now be set to be only visible to admins of the campaign, members of the campaign (for public campaigns), or self for co-dms.

reminders visibility option

Secondly, we’ve added the long requested option to set reminders to recurring on moon phases of a calendar. We also took the time to redesign the form to make it clearer for new and existing users. Instead of a checkbox that once clicked unlocks other features, a dropdown is now the trigger for said options.

reminders recurring options

One limitation exists with this option regarding multiday reminders. If a reminder spills over the month onto the next due to the moon phase, it won’t be displayed on the next month. This impact spilling over a year in the year view, and spilling over a month in the month view.

Lastly regarding reminders, the form now has a “dynamic” saving mechanism, meaning you can’t add a new reminder multiple times by mis-clicking.

We also took a bit of time to redesign the calendar actions. Instead of displaying three cryptic icons when you hover a day on the calendar, you now get a dropdown with an explanation text!

calendar day actions above reminders

General improvements

When adding an item to an entity’s inventory, the name field will be used instead of the item’s name.

inventory name override

We’ve redesigned the various forms to apply an attribute template to an entity. Rather than have two lists, there is now only a single list, separated by template type.

apply attribute template merged list

The popular WebP image format can now be used in Kanka.

When creating or editing an entity, the template dropdown now also includes all template types available to the campaign, and not just the campaign’s attribute templates.

Entities in superboosted campaigns can now set their header from the gallery feature, instead of having to upload an image.

Entities can be added to an ability from the ability’s children subpage.

abilities add entity button

Added a new button in the filtering interface to copy the filters to the clipboard. This will make setting filters for widgets and quick links easier.

filters copy to clipboard button

Characters get a new optional pronouns field. This field is also available in the character filters.

Lastly, we’ve noticed that many campaigns don’t use the inventory feature for entities. With this update, you can disable this module in the same place you control the other modules of the campaign.

kanka campaign settings inventories

Marketplace Improvements

A new locale field was added to plugins, and this new field can be used as a filter when browsing plugins.

We’ve added tags as an entity type to content type, with the ability to tag entities. Entities now also the “private” option. This means that they are only visible to members of the campaign’s admin role when imported. For your storytelling purposes, characters can now be set to dead.

A summary of created and updated entities now displays when importing a content pack from the marketplace.

content pack import summary

Another new feature is that if our team rejects your plugin, you will be notified, and might even get a reason why.

Bug fixes

Fixed various bugs with the map forms (layers, groups, markers).

Centred paragraphs in the text editor now keep the styling.

Kanka source code updates

If you have your own version of Kanka installed locally, this update might cause issues for you because of many vendor changes.

Firstly, Kanka now requires PHP7.4 and composer 2.0. We’ve updated many of the vendor packages, and removed deprecated ones. Be sure to run composer install && yarn update to get all the updates. The php artisan db:seed now also provides a lot more boilerplate content. Lastly, many errors related to local instances not having a marketplace have been fixed.

If you run frequent backups (based on the php artisan schedule:run command), we’ve moved away from backup-manager to a new plugin that also introduces a new “cleanup” command. This will remove old backups automatically.

That’s it for 1.9 and our first release of May 2021. Our next update will include some big visual changes that we teased during our latest livestream Q&A.

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

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  1. Aha! The reminder privacy part will be very helpful! Now I can use the feature as I originally wanted.

    Thank you for all the effort!

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