Roadmap May 2021 – Calendars, Reminders, Moons

Our subscribers and Patrons have finished voting in our latest community vote. Calendars are once again the winners, and will be our focus for the month.

Primary focus: calendars and reminders

We’ll be adding the visibility option to reminders. These link calendars and entities in Kanka. This allows you as a campaign admin to set reminders as only visible to the other admins, members, or to all.

Secondly, we’ll be introducing a request that comes up a lot on the Discord. We are of course talking about setting reminders to reoccur on moon phases!

Secondary focus: Project Freyja

As showcased during our latest livestream Q&A, we’ve been working on some redesigns for the app. Project Freyja is the name we give to all big visual changes to the app. We hope to polish the ideas presented during the livestream with our talented designer, and start releasing some changes during the month.

Other goodies for May 2021

With all that we have planned, we will be quite busy. However, we still hope improving the app in various ways as we always do. The new marketplace content packs are one area we’ll look to improve based on community feedback.

Lastly, don’t forget to join our amazing community over on Discord to get frequent sneak peaks at the progress being made on the roadmap.

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