1.8 marketplace content packs

Kanka 1.8 – Marketplace Content Packs & Quests

Dear Kanka users, we are super excited to release this update with marketplace content packs! This was the runner up of April’s community vote.

Marketplace content packs

When we released the Kanka marketplace last year, we always imagined three types of plugins. The first plugin introduced was themes, allowing boosted campaigns to use themes created by the community. The second was attribute templates, allowing our users to create character sheet like attributes and visuals. Today, we are releasing the third type of plugin we envisioned with the marketplace, namely content packs!

Content packs are a way for marketplace artisans to create entities that can be imported into campaigns. They can create characters, locations, quests, and most other kinds of entities and set relations between them.

marketplace content packs setup

Quests 1.1

It is no surprised for those who have been on the Discord for a while that I was never very happy with the quests module. The limitation of only attaching characters, locations, items and organisations was arbitrary, and the interface clunky, forcing users to constantly switch between four subpages.

While this new version isn’t perfect, the issues of what kind of entities can be attached to a quest are now fixed. We’ve replaced the system with a new “Quest Elements” concept, and all data has been migrated. This update also replaced the “private” checkbox with the “visibility” dropdown.

Warning for API users

We’ve deprecated the quests_* api routes. While they still work, they only serve data from before the migration. Please change your code to use the new quests_elements API.


Our previous release 1.7 was all about dashboards, but we didn’t want the fun to end!

We’ve once again beefed up the recent widget. If it’s set to show a single entity, it can now show attributes and members. Using the new Ordering field, you can now change the order in which entities are displayed.

kanka dashboard recent widget changes

We’ve also changed the “show attributes” option to now only show pinned attributes. A reminder that this feature is only available to boosted campaigns.

Our ongoing Project Njord has us adding an FAQ page on how to sync up your Kanka account with Discord. Added a new Dashboards feature page to better explain this boosted campaign feature.

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug with bulk permissions only applying to the first entity.

The entities/ api endpoint now includes the correct image of the entity.

Fixed several bugs with marketplace attribute templates not rendering properly using the {{ $attribute }} syntax.

Removing the campaign header from custom dashboards is again possible.

Fixed a bug in nested views with the new actions dropout.

If a public campaign was set to private, an error occurred if the campaign had followers.

Your first campaign’s name field is no longer wrongly limited to 20 characters.

Fixed several issues with PDF exports. Images from the gallery now properly fit the page, and bulk exporting entities with the 5e monster template no longer fails.

That’s it for 1.8 and April 2021. If you haven’t already, go and vote on our latest community vote to help us decide what to focus on for May!

As always, thank you to our amazing subscribers who make these frequent updates possible. Come join us and our community on our Discord server!

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